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Arena by Hire Space

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Arena is a virtual and hybrid events platform that is simple, scalable, customisable, robust and affordable - everything that event organisers need.

Each event on Arena is built around a set of Rooms: Lobby, Stage, Video Breakout, and Audio Breakout. Each room includes an interactive live video and chat stream, and can hold from 2 to 100,000 attendees. You can have an unlimited number of rooms in each event. Arena also gives you a registration platform out of the box, with useful features like custom ticket types and custom attendee information. You can also use your own platform and upload attendees in bulk.

Arena integrates with the leading online broadcast studios, such as ReStream and StreamYard, or you can simply plug in Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo and many other video sources. You can also connect with custom RTMP or HLS if you want to go all out with your video production.

Arena is a great fit for anything from a 20 person internal update event, to a 100,000 global conference. It is a strong solution for branded webinars, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions. Arena is even great for online team building!

Most importantly, Arena is designed by event organisers, for event organisers. It's the little things like advanced chat moderation, passwordless sign in, fully GDPR compliant data policy and many other features that make running a world-class event easy.

1 Superstars testimonial for Arena by Hire Space

Easy and affordable platform

I used Arena recently for a virtual client event and had a fantastic experience. It's a really affordable platform as you only have to pay for the attendees who show up on the day. In fact, it was a load cheaper than most of the other platforms I looked at. At the same time, it's a really slick and professional-looking platform that's easy to use. I got some really positive feedback from my event and will definitely use the platform again.

18 days ago by Honest Content

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