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Introducing Snapmatic’s innovative event-experience technology, where you can seamlessly connect a brand campaign or message with your audience through the magic of AI-generated images.

Whether you’re orchestrating a fan zone, an exhibit activation, or a conference breakout, the Snapmatic AI booth is your ticket to driving substantial foot traffic and heightened interest across all your B2B and B2C events and experiences.

Designed specifically for live events, our generative AI technology swiftly merges images captured by the camera system with your pre-defined visual storyline, crafting a fresh and distinctive narrative for each participant.


  • Simple to operate via your own brand ambassadors
  • Equipment hire (AI booth, basic lighting package) included
  • Technician supplied to setup, train staff and dismantle unit
  • Unique UX Interface for your brand
  • Custom image retention and privacy.

Technical Delivery:

  • Consistency: Snapmatic prioritizes consistency to boost confidence in AI image generation
  • Controlled Environment: Maintaining control over input image quality for uniform, high-quality outputs
  • Accuracy: Snapmatic's live event AI solution provides rapid results and exceptional likeness accuracy
  • Brand-Centric Collaboration: Partnering with brands ensures AI-generated content aligns with brand identity.

But it doesn’t end with technology. The Snapmatic team collaborates closely with both agencies and clients to train the AI system, using the brand imagery you provide, well before it’s deployed in live settings. This crucial step, sets our product apart from simpler alternatives, ensuring precise likeness, preserving brand campaign narratives, and consistently delivering the highest possible quality results.

We have delivered over 8,000 live AI image generation jobs since May 2023, with over 60k AI images generated - across all races, ages and geographical locations.

HOT NEWS - In February we’ll be launching our 2nd Generation iteration of the AI booth with:

  • Higher quality output images
  • Improved processing
  • Accelerated generation speeds

So, if you are looking a the newest of engagement tech for your event, get in touch with the Snapmatic team at or on please visit

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