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What is the DW Superstars?

Build your online profile with DW superstars.

Created specifically for the event industry, this enables suppliers, agencies and freelancers to demonstrate why they are fantastic at what they do.

Now clients can award you a DW Superstar and leave a positive testimonial on your directory listing.

Build up your superstars, and use them to enhance your reputation on the DW Facebook group (when replying to business leads on the group) - building confidence, authenticity and trust.

Now you’ll be able to shout very loudly on the group about how many DW superstars you’ve got!! You’ve absolutely earned them.

Stand out from the crowd by being a Superstar Delegate Wrangler today!

Access to Delegate Wranglers Facebook group

The Delegate Wranglers Facebook group is a community of over 21,000 engaged event professionals who collaborate to win business, look for peer recommendations and solve common problems. We've been connecting the event industry since 2014.

Being a part of the DW directory here will include membership to the DW Facebook group too. Launched in 2014 the community has grown from strength to strength and now represents massive, and we believe unrivalled, buying power throughout the UK, Europe and overseas. Separate communities have now also been launched for the USA and Canada, and most recently Asia.

The DW community is the largest of its kind in the UK and has achieved what no other organisation has managed to: creating a unique community of event professionals - buyers and suppliers - who collaborate together and drive millions of pounds of business for the industry every month.

If you're an event professional, then you absolutely need to be in The Delegate Wranglers.


Increased Profile Status & more

Benefits include:

  • Additional photos & videos
  • Social media links
  • Increased visibility in your own chosen section & the main listing
  • Access to the Facebook community for up to six employees
  • Option to join the DW Facebook community using your company Facebook page
  • Superstar tag added to your Facebook profile whilst on the DW Facebook group
  • Prominent DW Superstars logo on your directory listing
  • Exclusive DW Superstars banner to add to your email signature & website
  • First to receive commercial stand share & social event opportunities with DW
  • Discounted rate to advertise a job with DW
  • Access to placing content in the Weekly DW Insider Newsletter
  • Two press releases on the DW network

Exclusive access to 'Superstar Hour' every Monday

If you are a DW SUPERSTAR or DW SUPERSTAR PREMIUM member, you guys also get your own exclusive Superstar Hour every Monday from 1-2pm (GMT) to promote your business an additional 4 times each month. That's 52 additional adverts each year!!!


A benefit for Superstar or Premium packages this offers you the opportunity to answer your 5 most frequently asked questions to enhance your listing.

For example:
Is your venue far from the city centre and transport links?
We are 10 minutes by car but we can provide a shuttle service if required for your conference.

Exclusive DW Superstar Member Benefits

Event Safety Plan

  • Free six month trial of their safety planning software worth £294.00

  • Fantastic discounts of over 50% off their 'Introduction to Health & Safety for freelancers' & 'Covid Event Safety' training courses

  • 25% off their group training packages

  • 50% discount off their review of safety systems and processes for event businesses and venues

Stress Matters
  • Fantastic discounts from their Stress & Wellbeing online courses
  • Free taster session for their 'Wellbeing Insights Programme' - and discount for the full course


More amazing benefits to be added.

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