Q. I keep hearing about The Delegate Wranglers but what is it?

The Delegate Wranglers is a community of over 20,000 engaged event professionals who collaborate to win business, look for peer recommendations and solve common problems.

Launched in 2014 the community has grown from strength to strength and now represents massive, and we believe unrivalled, buying power throughout the UK, Europe and overseas. Separate communities have now also been launched for the USA and Canada, and most recently Asia.

The membership is industry wide with medium to high seniority across all sectors and the supply chain. It is very much seen as the place to get recommendations and to do business. Many requests revolve around destinations, venues, technology, food and beverage, but we also see regular posts relating to legal issues, insurance and resources.

The group is strictly governed in a fair but very friendly manner and is purely business related. Personal requests are not allowed, and the site is moderated to ensure that it remains a proactive and totally positive place to do business.

The DW community is the largest of its kind in the UK and has achieved what no other organisation has managed to: creating a unique community of event professionals - buyers and suppliers - who collaborate together and drive millions of pounds of business for the industry every month.

The Delegate Wranglers Facebook group is not an open discussion forum. We aim to have 100% of the questions posted by the members to be business requests, for finding a venue / supplier / job or getting advice etc.

Q. Why are personal requests not allowed on the group?

The Delegate Wranglers is for strictly events business only - not for personal requests - otherwise it changes into something completely different. If you are posting what you state to be a personal request for your own event, wedding, stag do, or fancy a weekend away please note this will be politely deleted. This helps to avoid being overrun with requests such as, a cake for great auntie Fran’s 100th birthday or a personalised dog collar for my sisters boyfriends dog etc, you get the drift! Thanks for your understanding #strictlybusiness

Q. Can I invite other people to join the group?

Yes! Together we are stronger and the more people that join means more opportunities, more people to answer requests, more business for all, etc - we all win! So if you have any colleagues who you feel would benefit from the group then just click on the ‘INVITE MEMBERS' button or send them this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheDelegateWranglers/

Q. Is The Delegate Wranglers only on Facebook?

You can join us on our other platforms! It would be great to connect with you guys! You can also come and stop by our stand at all the major trade shows, or meet us for a drink or two at one of our DW socials.

Website: www.thedelegatewranglers.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheDelegateWranglers/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thedelegatewranglers/
Twitter: twitter.com/Del_Wranglers
Linked in: www.linkedin.com/in/neil-thompson-event-manager/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheDelegateWranglers

Q. I am a student, am I allowed to join the group?

Yes! We accept a small number of students every month into the group.

We are now looking to grow a bank of event industry students to help us manage our DW events - get some invaluable experience, make some fab contacts & have fun along the way! Interested? For more information please email diane@thedelegatewranglers.com

Q. How do I contact a member of the DW team?

We are always here to help and aim to reply within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact us on:-

Q. Why has my post has been declined/removed?

The Delegate Wranglers has a great vibe, it is a hive of like-minded event professionals, but we are NOT an open discussion forum, we are strictly for business connections and live leads.

We aim to have the majority of the questions posted by the members on the group to be business requests to help solve your problems, for finding a venue, supplier, job or getting advice etc. Essentially all posts are intended to be a lead for someone to get business.

We have worked really hard over the years to keep this group strictly events business, connecting businesses based on trust and recommendation, and that is why it is what it is. If we do not have strict policies in place it changes into something completely different. There is millions of pounds worth of business being done on the group every month and if we allow a feed of memes and discussions/debates/polls we run the risk of an urgent enquiry for help/advice getting drowned amongst the non-business posts.

We work hard behind the scenes to ensure this is a very positive and safe place for members, and work closely with the members, developing the group to improve the DW experience for YOU. We do not allow negative comments or negative feedback towards anyone including the DW team – we would always politely ask to discuss anything offline.

As a rule there is certainly no room for sarcasm or hostility, rants, nor comments of an aggressive nature on the group. We have no hesitation in removing/blocking members who we feel no longer are appropriate for the group.

As always The Delegate Wranglers is, and always will be, Strictly Business.

If you are unsure of whether a post would be allowed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can facilitate where possible.

Q. What and when are the set promotional hours on The Delegate Wranglers?

Superstars Hour - every Monday 1-2pm Exclusively for DW Superstars members.

Freelancer Hour - every Monday 7-8pm Please use the Freelancer Hour to introduce yourself, your skills and availability.

Supplier Hour - every Wednesday 1-2pm Suppliers this is the time to tell us all about your products, services and venues including special offers.

Event Hour – every Friday 11am-12noon If you have a date specific event, course, showcase or FAM trip to promote to thousands of events professionals, this is the time and place to do it!

AOB Hour – every Sunday 11am-12noon, Any Other Business Hour is the place to post those things that do not fit into our other hours - but MUST still adhere to the general rules & guidelines of the group.

Mark your diaries, Set your alarms! One post per company during the hours and any promotional posts outside of these timelines will politely be deleted.

Q. How do I get involved in promoting my business, venue or services to the group?

There are lots of free promotional opportunities on the group such as our set hours but if you would like information on how you can achieve more exposure for your business/venue/destination then drop us a line for a media pack to amy@thedelegatewranglers.com

Engage with our website which features all the latest DW news as well as information about our social events and jobs - check it out here: www.thedelegatewranglers.com

We have an Event Calendar Listing where you can find or list an event, FAM trip, showcase or launch etc

We also have a fantastic newsletter 'The Insider' - its full of all the latest Delegate Wranglers news and developments. Sign up here: https://bit.ly/DWInsiderNewsletterSubscribeHERE

We host regular Delegate Wrangler socials with opportunities to network while having fun! Look out for information on the page.

Q. My request to join the group is pending or declined?

To ensure a speedy entry to the group please ensure you complete all 3 questions and agree to the group guidelines upon requesting to join.

We verify each individual member and their role within the events industry, so by answering the questions it speeds up the verification process. Please provide website, LinkedIn in or social media or links were applicable.

Please check your message requests as it is likely we may have sent you a message regarding your application.

We expect all members to play an active role within the community and there is certainly no room for lurkers!

Remember, not everyone gets in, we decline approximately 250 requests a month.

Q. I’m looking for a new job within the events industry, or looking to recruit for a role, can you help?

Yes, you have come to the right place!

We now have events industry jobs posted on our website: https://thedelegatewranglers.com/jobs

And also on the separate Delegate Wranglers Job List facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDelegateWranglersJobList/

We would suggest you sign up for our weekly jobs newsletter here: https://bit.ly/DWJobListSignMeUp

Or if you wish to advertise a permanent position on the group please contact us for more information diane@thedelegatewranglers.com

Q. I have received an unsolicited pitch from another member, what do I do?

We will not tolerate unsolicited messages to members. We take a zero tolerance approach on this and members can be removed from the group without warning.

If you are receiving any unsolicited messages, DM’s emails or phone calls which you feel are coming from another community member then please contact us immediately on diane@thedelegatewranglers.com

Suppliers please ensure you are only responding directly to an enquiry for your services for which you have a relevant reply. Please don't pitch products or services that have not been asked for.

Buyers/planners please ensure you are only asking for suppliers to pitch for confirmed jobs with a detailed brief where possible, not speculative leads to build address books/databases.