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Ben Levy Magic

Member since 16th Feb 2021

I am a Doctor of Psychology and a professional Magician.

I combine these to offer a genuinely unique entertainment experience to companies, called Mind Magic.

On one level, it's just a lot of fun.

On another level, it gets people taking part, engaging with each other, laughing...and feeling like a wide-eyed child again.

On a deeper level, I help people realise that their decisions do matter. And that they can amaze themselves. Truly.

If people remember our Mind Magic sessions and talk excitedly about it afterwards, then I've done my job.

Given our new socially distanced lives and the sudden fracturing of work teams, I created a brand new Zoom version of Mind Magic, called 'Virtually Impossible'. I am also sharing 'mini Mind Magic experiences' at team meetings.

It's the perfect way to reconnect teams and put a smile on everyone's face. That's got to be a win in these crazy times.

In other news, I have a toddler and another on the way. It's knackering.

Pop 'Ben Levy Magic' into Google and read over 100 five star reviews for Mind Magic.

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FAQs answered by Ben Levy Magic

How much do you charge?
Prices start at £299 for smaller companies
What are your credentials?
I am a Member of the Magic Circle and have performed magic for over 20 years. I am also a Doctor of Psychology and Senior practitioner
What do you offer?
There are three packages: Virtually Impossible, Virtually Incredible and Virtually Unbelievable. All are highly interactive and astonishing, with Virtually Unbelievable being the gold package option
Are you performing live shows?
Once we can meet again, I will!
How do I contact you?
Just call 07779 619 597 or email [email protected] Then we can discuss what Mind Magic is all about, then how to make your client's event genuinely unique, amazing and impactful.

Videos by Ben Levy Magic