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25 years of providing award winning events that make a difference to organisations and businesses on many levels. We help strengthen company culture, reinforce values, develop new skills and increase motivation levels.

We have a catalogue of conference and team engagement activities that can be inserted into your conference or team meeting/event. Our activities can be shaped to align with the needs of your team or conference audience.

All our events are designed to be fun and engaging and support networking and learning. Our amazing interactive activities can be run indoors or outdoors and can involve:

Community – Drama – Music – Sporting events – Heath and Wellbeing – Business simulations.

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4 Superstars testimonials for Berrison Ltd

Berrison, awesome!

Ed from Berrison was awesome - really great experience & he was adored by all the people.
All the activities that you provided, the Hakka and Body Rap were fantastic.
The only thing we regret is not letting the Berrison team take over the full MOC/organization of the event. it was a bit too much for our team to manage the full event by ourselves.. but we will keep it for next time.
Looking forward to our next adventure

21 days ago by Kaushik Ramasamy

Berrison leadership teams

Berrison were quick to grasp our needs and truly partnered with us to devise solutions. They were never short of creative answers to our challenges. This was coupled with an organisational drive that ensured each cohort was identified and launched with a senior sponsor on board. The overwhelmingly positive response from attendees
was very pleasing.

3 months ago by Paula Hogan HR Business Partner

Berrison's business simulation and team events.

Berrison built rapport with all our participants throughout, and never said no to any of our ad hoc requests which was often! They gave great personal touches with a sharp attention to detail. Would highly recommend. Pizza for Profit, it is an awesome simulation that is challenging and fun but more importantly adds valuable learning to running a business. Definitely reach out to Berrison Ltd as they facilitate this very professionally.

3 months ago by Steve Jeffrey

Berrison's Pizza for Profit team activity.

I have to say Pizza for Profit was an excellent business simulation and taught us a lot about each other, what makes us work and what doesnt, real insights into individuals and team set up. Cant recommend it enough!

6 months ago by Eldon Garnett - Managing Director - Morgan Sindall MSIN

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FAQs answered by Berrison Ltd

“How do I make sure the conference is interactive and engaging for all involved?”
We use our training and change managment expertise to design and structure the conference or meeting around clear objectives, business deliverables and budget.
“How can I make this conference different from, or better than the last one?'”
Firstly, find the strength and weakness from your last event. Secondly, establish very clear objectives and outcomes. Thirdly, communicate with and engage the audience prior to the event.
How do I get the best out of my company conference?
Set Clear Goals: Identify your objectives for attending the conference. Whether it's learning about industry trends, networking, or gaining specific skills, having clear goals will help you focus your efforts.

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