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Invite Bev to your next event if you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will energise and inspire your audience. Bev is a specialist in Conversational Leadership for the Future World of Work. She turns every keynote into an interactive conversation with the audience and keeps them fully engaged. Originally from South Africa, Bev talks about the wise truth in the African philosophy of UBUNTU which celebrates our full humanity and believes that "I am because WE are". Using the science and magic of conversational leadership, Bev supports leaders in crafting a strategic narrative that integrates performance and digital transformation with a supportive culture that fosters trust, collaboration and belonging. Her message is customised to your audience, and she will leave them with practical tools and actionable takeaways. More than a conference speaker Bev is a strategic facilitator, conference moderator and engagement specialist who uses her bespoke Fuel, Ignite, Accelerate method to co-create strategies to transform your event and maximise your speaker budget. Audiences no longer want long, static keynotes where they are passive spectators. Bev sparks curiosity and dynamic dialogue with the audience through interactive keynotes, agile technology, dynamic panel discussions and on-stage dialogue. Bev can help you raise the level of both ROI (Return on Investment) and ROE (Return on Experience): • Work with your events team to shape your conference engagement strategy to incorporate storytelling, interactive presentations and dialogue both on stage and with the audience. • Stimulate conversations with the audience using various interactive technologies to mine the untapped wisdom and expertise from all the voices in the room. • Use thematic analysis and infographic reporting to turn data into gold with actionable insights for post-event decision-making and ongoing strategic conversations. • Coach presenters and panelists to refine the quality and impact of the storytelling from the stage. There has never been a more critical time for leaders to communicate with compassion and power. It is Bev's transformative purpose to bring these skills to the world. Chat to her on [email protected] or

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Dialogue with delegates goes down a storm

I’ve had the privilege of working with Bev on numerous occasions and each time she leaves her audiences fully engaged and enthralled. Live dialogue with, and not merely preaching to, audiences is definitely the way forward. She’s had clients tell her they had gleaned enough information from their conference audiences through this to provide a years worth of company research into the way forward. She’s a consummate professional and thoroughly dedicated to improving the events industry!

8 months ago by Michael Jackson

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