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Our team is the perfect addition to any event – no matter how big or small. We create stunning photos and videos that showcase your special occasion, giving it the impact it needs to really stand out and draw in attention. With our portfolio of work ranging from high profile national events to smaller outings, we are experienced in a wide variety of settings and can provide insights into what works best for your event.

The combination of our creative vision and easy-going approach creates an ideal environment, allowing you to relax and focus on ensuring the success of your event. From providing full production services to creating assets for marketing campaigns, our team will work with you every step of the way.

Our experience working with major brands such as Subway, Unilever, Samsung & Silverstone Circuit has helped us develop an understanding of what makes a truly memorable event. We know how to get the most out of limited budgets and can identify highly effective tactics that will deliver maximum returns. With data-driven insights that extend beyond visuals and into the realms of audience targeting and optimization techniques, you can trust us to ensure a successful outcome.

We understand how important it is for companies to stay ahead of the game and being responsive goes hand in hand with this need for speed; so we always put emphasis on fast turnaround times when producing any element necessary for your special occasion. Whether it’s delivering content quickly or responding efficiently to client enquiries β€” we make sure not a minute is wasted when it comes to helping you make your event happen! So if you’re planning something big or small, wherever you are located nationwide or abroad - don't hesitate to get in touch with us today - let us help make this happen!

7 Superstars testimonials for Capture House

Fantastic experience!

From start to finish, my experience with this company was outstanding, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of video production services.

One of the standout features of this company was their use of multiple cameras (including putting one on the table behind me during my presentation). This allowed them to capture a variety of angles and perspectives, which made for a much more dynamic and engaging final product. It was clear that they put a lot of thought into the technical aspects of their work, and this attention to detail really paid off.

Another thing I appreciated about this company was their rapid and pragmatic approach. They were efficient and focused, which meant that they were able to complete the project on time and on budget without sacrificing quality. This was particularly important to me, as I had a tight deadline and needed the video to be completed quickly.

In terms of value, this company exceeded my expectations. They offered competitive pricing without compromising on quality, which is something that is not easy to find in this industry. I felt like I got an excellent return on my investment, and I would definitely work with them again in the future.

Throughout the project, the team was extremely responsive to feedback. They were open to suggestions and always willing to make adjustments based on my input. This made the whole process feel collaborative and ensured that the final product was exactly what I wanted.

Speaking of the final product, I was blown away by the quality of the video that this company produced. It was clear that they put a lot of care and attention into the editing process, and the result was a polished and professional video that exceeded my expectations. The showreel they created is here:

Finally, I appreciated that this company shared different versions and raw files with me. This will be incredibly helpful if I need to create future videos, as I will have access to the raw footage and can use it to create new content.

Overall, I can't recommend this video production company highly enough. They are skilled, professional, and committed to delivering an outstanding final product. If you're in need of video production services, look no further than this excellent company.

11 months ago by Alexis at AirManual

The most beautiful photos

Huge thank you to the team at Capture House for allowing us to have the most beautiful photos from such a special night. They really do capture every moment πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ“Έ

1 year ago by Georgina

They are just fantastic!

The photographer's photos are back from our event the other week and they are just fantastic!

They managed to capture everything and more for our client's Christmas party and they managed to showcase all of the suppliers in their element!

1 year ago by NICE LTD

They go above and beyond!

Highly recommend this amazing company for any professional videography needs. They produce quality work and continue to exceed expectations - always going above and beyond what's required.

1 year ago by Haven Gateway

Great Reportage Photography

At short notice in peak wedding season Jordan and his team at Capture House were very accommodating and responsive. The reportage shots taken throughout our client's event were great and our client loved them. Very easy to work with - non-intrusive during the event. Just perfect and we will most certainly use and recommend Capture House again

1 year ago by Headstart Events

High Quality Videography and Speedy Turnaround too!

We've used Capture House on a number of products and their service is highly recommended.
The quality of the videography is excellent and they listen carefully to the brief so that the end product is delivered seamlessly.

1 year ago by Hannah Thomas

They went the extra mile for me!

I hired Jordan Bright from Capture House to do the videography for my recent Santa Experience promotional photo shoot because I needed someone who is experienced in this field and I can rely upon.

Jordan was very keen to get on board, he listened to what I wanted to achieve, came in time and delivered an excellent result.

He did not just record the action, he focused on the details and approached the subjects from different angles. He also recorded some details of my studio not relevant to Christmas, which footages I can use in other marketing materials.

And as this job had a special theme, Jordan went for an extra mile by not just fetching me the best-looking Santa Clause, but also, he was wearing an Elf outfit with two odd colored socks to camouflage into the background during the photo shoot.

Jordan is very fun to work with, he knows how to be a team player and very experienced, so I did not need to worry about what he is doing during the session, and I could focus on my clients.

I cannot wait to work with him again and I will highly recommend him to any businesses and friends.

1 year ago

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FAQs answered by Capture House

Can you offer photography and videography together?
Yes, we're not a one-man band but a full-time professional team of photographers and videographers that can grow or shrink depending on your requirements.
How long does it take to receive the images or video?
Our usual turnaround time for events is three days but we can offer same-day delivery for those who need it. We have the ability to edit on site or post content live to ensure your event creates a buzz as it happens!
What happens if you're ill on the day?
Unlike freelancers, as we're a full-time team we always have a backup photographer/videographer on standby meaning someone will always be there to cover your event.

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