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We love working with organisations to help engage and inspire their audience through events, experiences and creative campaigns.

Planning an event? We are here for you! We can provide the full 360° service, or work hand-in-hand with you and your team to fill in the gaps.

Media is our specialty! Our clients and partners love our creative energy + technical wizardry + meticulous organisation.

We also do: Video Content / Event Coverage 👉 Live Broadcast / TV / Web / Promo Content

If you have an idea, we're all ears. If you need some inspiration, just say the word.


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FAQs answered by CTRL Media Group

What is the smallest/largest live production you've been involved with?
Smallest: A closed-captioned in-car camera footage to a handful of billionaires and royals. Largest: A Live World Championship Racing Event from Spain to over 20,000 fans around the world, featuring live competition coverage with multiple moving and static cameras,
I have an event abroad, would you be able to handle that?
We have managed events from The Philippines to Australia and USA to Croatia – we definitely have you covered! All of our equipment is portable and suited for remote work, with every member of the team well-versed in international travel. Plus Carnets and all that fun paperwork stuff taken care of!
Can you also provide edited footage, post on social media, prepare press releases and more?
Definitely! We are a 360 full service media agency, versed in everything required to get as many viewers as possible to watch. We can provide event planning and promotions, social media posts during the event itself, and post-production of footage for highly produced content highlights.