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Lightbulb Teams - Where Bright Business Thinking Begins

Wherever you are; in locality or business development, whenever you need it; next week or next year - we specialise in team development programmes that break the mould from conventional training experiences.

Lightbulb Teams commit to understanding the specifics of your goals, objectives and outcomes. We use this insight to build bespoke sessions that achieve results.

We match our clients requirements delivering corporate events to suit their event plan. All our programmes are adaptable and can run in-person, via a hybrid model or in full remote mode.

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FAQs answered by Lightbulb Teams

What Charitable Programmes do you currently offer ?
Give a Hand A hugely challenging and rewarding team-building experience that proves our attitude and our determination to tackle problems can make a positive, life-changing difference to the future of those less fortunate. Water Works The Water Works programme enables ordinary people across the world to get involved in building and donating a life-changing water filtration system that can save the lives of an entire community. Empathy and emotional intelligence are at the heart of this session.
Do you have any new programmes coming up in the future ?
Yes !!! We are super excited to be launching our new Toy For Life in the Autumn 2023 ... keep an eye out on our socials .. Toy for Life WATCH THIS SPACE! We have an exciting new team building challenge coming soon. Toy for Life is a fun and transformational team building experience that brings your team together with young people throughout the world. As Buzz Lightyear said, ‘The important thing is we stick together!’
Where do you deliver events ?
We have brought all of our programmes to various companies throughout the world. The possibilities are endless ! We have catered for events from 10 people to over 2000. Some of the fantastic clients that have taken part would include PWC , Deloitte to name a few.

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