Denise Cunningham

Member since 1st Jun 2020

Events, conferences, live broadcasts and ceremonies need a strong sense of purpose and creativity to carry the brand and the message. Success lies less with the size of the budget and more with original thought and an understanding of the target audience. I’m used to autonomous responsibility from early concepts through to projecting planning, execution and review – including the budget. I’m familiar with audiences of tens to thousands and delivering strong messages that leave a lasting mark. My experience covers a diverse spread of sectors – including from an agency perspective – and I’m open to big and complex challenges.


  • Event Production – Creating events that are memorable and cost effective
  • Event Manager – Making things happen seamlessly – and always having a Plan B
  • Project Management – There are often many moving parts, and they have to work as one
  • Carrying the Brand and the Message – Delivering real purpose and intent to any project
  • Creativity – Be innovative and know your audience. It’s not just about the budget
  • Budget Accountability – Making sure there are no nasty surprises. Know your supply chain


  • Lloyd’s of London – Delivered the Future at Lloyd’s Blueprint launch event and saved 30% against initial budget
  • Lloyd’s of London – Developed the Team GB Wheelchair Rugby Fundraiser – Raised £200k
  • Lloyd’s of London – Produced a memorable staff Christmas party delivering a 25% budget saving
  • Powwow Agency – Managed a series of evening events to over 2000 delegates
  • Tesco – Collaborated with the Chairman organising the AGM and showcasing modernisation
  • Tesco – Achieved a 575% increased employee reach for the end-of-year Financial Statement