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Welcome to EIGHT, a specialist PR & marketing agency that works in the world of events and experience marketing. We exist because we love and are massive supporters of events, marketing, and live experiences.

We talk about empathetic marketing; the creation of campaigns that speak to the audience directly, that takes the time to understand them and their lives, and that builds a closer connection to them. This is what events do, it’s why PR and marketing should do the same.

We also talk about people; using connections, experience and networks to gain unbeatable market intelligence on the people and audiences that businesses needs to engage with. We talk about creativity; creating ideas, campaigns and messages that create empathy and action.

We exist in that sweet spot between events and brands, people and places, emotion and intelligence.

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Creative PR Solutions

Eight PR & Marketing have been truly amazing to work with. You give them a problem relating to community engagement and they come up with creative ideas for delivery and fulfillment. They are definitely a part of the ICE Community and without their PR & Marketing support, we would not have the engagement of our corporate planners. As an added benefit, Alistair Turner is brilliant at chairing virtual and live events which has made our lives a lot easier. Thank you Eight PR for your support over the past 4 years.

3 years ago by ICE Hub

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FAQs answered by EIGHT PR & Marketing

What the hell is PR, sounds all fluffy and not very serious?
Actually it's not. Us PR folk so often get tarnished with the 'Ab-Fab' brush, but good PR is highly strategic, creative and very effective. PR is 'public relations', so if you're interested in managing the relationship between you and your 'publics (audiences) then this might be for you.
I hear it's impossible to track?
Not quite true, but yes, it has a 'dark art' perception. It is trackable, and you can see results as well as feel them. As with all marketing, its about having a good brief, firm objectives - ROI or ROO - and then having realistic tracking mechanics. Its not the same as other forms of marketing, kind of like events!
It's just cheap advertising right?
Not really, they do work really well in tandem though. Advertising is controlled and paid for; PR is earned and relies on third party endorsement and credibility. It means you're less in control, but the value of the reach is better. If you want to send a big, clear message, designed and branded and getting across your values, advertising is great. If you want to influence and effect then PR is your thing.
Should I work with big sexy agencies or little one man bands?
PR is all about relationships, you and your public, you and your PR person. Even in a big agency you're buying the people not the agency. You need the right person, with the right skill set, right understanding of your brief and the talent to look after you. Some love the agency feel, others want a more personal one to one service.
Wow, that all sounds so lovely, how do I go about getting me one of them!
It's very simple, contact me on Delegate Wranglers. I'm quite honest about what is best for clients, I know what I'm good at, what I'm rubbish at, where I can help, where I can't. It takes about 20 minutes to work out if the fit is right. Happy to help you find what is right for you and your business.