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We are the corporate event platform people.

Eventogy puts the power of effective event creation in your hands. With a comprehensive suite of powerful tools at your disposal, we’ve built simple, clever features that allow you to manage complex meetings and events end-to-end. Launch event campaigns, create corporate branded websites, track attendee registrations and remove roadblocks with integrations that synchronise event data with that of your own CRM systems. And we created the platform with the user in mind, so it’s intuitive, logical and a delight to use!

We are privileged to serve an impressive client base, which includes four of the UK's Magic Circle law firms and four of the world's top 20 banks. We also look after smaller clients, from firms who do one flagship event a year to those who run complex events with multiple one-to-one meetings.

Here's a check list of our features:

  • Intuitive dashboard - shows you at a glance all the key metrics of your event

  • Website builder - create stunning, fully branded websites, fast!

  • Email builder - drive registrations with templated, scheduled emails

  • Guest list manager - securely manage your client data

  • Meetings manager - coordinate multiple meetings at one event - or let our algorithm do it for you!

  • Travel - our flight manager uses a flight tracking API to provide live, accurate flight and travel choices

  • Eventogy Virtual - a tool that manages hybrid and virtual events, so that all your events can be on one unified platform

  • Host app - for fast check-in, push notifications, reminders and last minute registrations

  • Attendee app - all the event, speaker, sponsor details plus networking, live polls, Q&A and much more

  • Reporting - report on any aspect of your event quickly and easily

  • Budgeting - create, track and manage budgets with ease, with approval workflow and easy reporting for transparency

  • Event request workflow - streamlines the process of initiating and approving events

  • Hospitality - allocating, distributing and tracking tickets is easy with Eventogy

  • Table planner - create table layouts, organise seating adn place guests with eass

  • Surveys - create and manage post-event surveys from within the platform

  • Integrations - secure integrations with major CRM systems and other vital software

  • Support - telephone and email support always there to help you when you need it

  • Security - We take data security seriously. We’re ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certificated

We are constantly updating the platform with new functionality, features and improvements, and we listen to our clients when they tell us what they like and what they would like to see in the future.

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