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EventsAir is the one platform you need for everything events. Execute engaging in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with a technology solution that supports you from start to finish. Flexibility is at the heart of EventsAir's design, ensuring we scale and transform effortlessly to cater to the diverse needs of events, delivering an experience that's tailor-made for everyone involved. From built-in budgeting and accounting tools to breathtaking on-brand event sites, seamless registration experiences, and even mobile event apps that can be published in minutes, EventsAir truly makes event planning a breath of fresh...air.

With over 30 years of expertise, EventsAir has powered 350,000+ successful events, earning the trust of the industry's best to deliver seamless, standout experiences. We love dynamic and complex events, which is why we’ve built a comprehensive platform designed to grow and evolve alongside you.

At EventsAir, we stand as a dedicated technology partner. Our committed team of experts handles the heavy lifting, providing hands-on, professional services, empowering event professionals to orchestrate inspiring and impactful experiences with our unwavering support.

Our dedicated team takes pride in managing over one million attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and event planners annually, offering 24/7 global support. EventsAir is actively used by customers in 18 countries worldwide.

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FAQs answered by EventsAir

Does EventsAir provide a tailored demo of the software for evaluation?
Absolutely! Our expert team is committed to ensuring your experience is personalized. Reach out to us at, and we will schedule a demonstration specifically tailored to your needs and requirements.
Is EventsAir both customizable and scalable to accommodate events of different sizes and requirements?
Yes, EventsAir thrives on versatility. Whether you're organizing a multi-track conference, a complex trade show, or an intricate educational summit, our software dynamically scales to meet the unique demands of your event, offering a seamless experience regardless of size or complexity.
How well does EventsAir integrate with other tools and platforms, such as CRM, accounting, or membership software?
EventsAir seamlessly integrates with the tools you rely on daily, ensuring efficiency and a delightful experience. Our industry-leading API empowers you to craft a bespoke event ecosystem. Additionally, our Smart Connectors provide a library of reliable, configurable, pre-packaged integrations.
What is your pricing model, and how many registrations are included in your base price?
We believe in simplicity and transparency. Our pricing model is designed to amplify your organization's event management journey. Enjoy unlimited registrations without worrying about budget constraints. Your success is our success, and we are dedicated to helping you exceed your goals.
Where can I learn more about EventsAir?
Dive into a wealth of information, customer case studies, and testimonials on our website. Kickstart your EventsAir journey here:

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