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A flexible platform that adapts to changing environments

The only technology and support you need to efficiently manage, enrich, and boost your physical, virtual and hybrid events.

Physical events

Some events require contact beyond the screens, but physical events don’t mean non-technological.

We bring our technology know-how to help you organize your events professionally and efficiently. Forget about queues, delays, and the absence of reliable metrics.

Virtual events

Reach more people by making it easy and accessible for them to attend your event, regardless of where they are.

An easy-to-navigate, intuitive digital venue where the possibilities to connect with other attendees, participate in the event and access content are just a click away.

Hybrid events

Make it to everyone’s taste, some prefer physically, and others are comfortable with virtuality, let them choose how to attend and participate in your event.

All our products and services are at your disposal so that your attendees can enjoy the event experience no matter how they take part.

8 Superstars testimonials for Eventscase Ltd.

On top of the latest trends!

EventsCase has helped us to automate and greatly reduce costs thanks to the technological innovation led by Iván. He is always on top of the latest trends and technologies, and is always looking for ways to improve processes. He is willing to share his knowledge and experience with others, and has helped us find ways to improve the management of our event.

5 months ago by Ismael Vargas, Senior Growth Analyst, Startup Valencia & VDS.

An indispensable tool

Eventscase has been an indispensable tool for our recent events. Its intuitive design greatly enhanced our operational efficiency, allowing us to manage complex event logistics with ease. The platform's ability to streamline processes not only saved valuable time but also significantly reduced the potential for errors. What truly sets Eventscase apart for us, however, is the exceptional technical support provided. Their team's prompt and knowledgeable assistance ensured a smooth and successful event experience.

5 months ago by Jessica LINSEN, , Head of Alumni, Partnerships & Custom Executive Programs, CEIBS Zurich Campus

Great Customer Service

"I am incredibly pleased with the quality of customer service provided to my team. I am extremely grateful for your quality solutions resolving a technical issue in a time sensitive manner. I would highly recommend Jon and his team."

1 year ago by Jolene Lance, Director of Creative & Technology, Lorandus

Eventscase flexibility

Eventscase was a cost-effective, all-inclusive event solution for us. Having previously used other registration software companies, the flexibility of Eventscase and the ability to control communications with clients were stand-out features when selecting our provider. The easily editable templates and the ability to duplicate events for the future make things much quicker and streamline the process for us. Automating email communications means we now have more time for our other admin jobs and have eliminated the number of telephone enquiries we receive from Exhibitors and Delegates. Although Eventscase is an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, there are still ways to customise the system so that it sits nicely within your pre-existing website and event branding.”

1 year ago by Shelley Batey, Completely Events Ltd

I feel accompanied and assisted

“In today's digital environment, the human factor is a determining factor. In the case of the Eventscase platform, this variable makes the difference and is a highly significant added value. I am currently experiencing and I feel accompanied and assisted by a generous, friendly, qualified, and resolute team. Furthermore, the platform itself is configured in a way that allows the user to make use of it in an agile, simple, and very intuitive way. Personally, I feel safe in their hands as I see how my project is progressing well thanks to their unceasing support”

2 years ago by Norberto Martínez, International Smart Business Conferences.

Amazing service

“Amazing service and the responsiveness from Jon Tupper. I really appreciate the access to updates and new developments.”

2 years ago by Larna Jackson, Event Options

Essential Support

For us, the support of Eventscase has been essential in the organisation of attendee registrations to the Spain-United Arab Emirates Business Meeting, held on February 2, 2022 at the Dubai Exhibition Center. In addition to the complexity of the market, which requires integration with the DTCM, registering more than 300 people in half an hour would have been impossible without the help of Eventscase’s solution. Their team has shown great professionalism and flexibility, quickly assuming last minute changes, which contributed to the overall success of the event.

2 years ago by Ana Fernández Salve Head of Sector - Investment Forums ICEX

Love EventsCase!

We have worked with EventsCase for 12 months and they have been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Their registration system, which we use for the DW Live Show and more, is really easy to use and master. They provide great support too - what's not to love?

3 years ago by Neil Thompson - The Delegate Wranglers

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