Farnborough International

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We are venue shaped around Farnborough’s rich history as the birthplace of British aviation and the home of pioneering spirit for over a century. Our modern spaces inspire creativity and have been designed and developed for the sole purpose of hosting and enabling events of all types and scale.

From epic exhibitions and family events to corporate conferences and meetings, new product launches to feature film shoots and awards dinners, we have the perfect mix of expertise, location and facilities to deliver memorable events and experiences.

At Farnborough International anything is possible. This is your space to create extraordinary!

Find out more at farnborough.com or contact us to discuss how we can support your next event, or book a visit: event-enquiries@farnborough.com.

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FAQs answered by Farnborough International

Getting to Farnborough
- How do I get to Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre? Your Event Manager will be able to provide you with specific instructions for travelling to the venue as these may vary depending on the entry gate being used. - Which Gate do I use for entry? We have several access gates to the venue depending on the event, please check with your Event Manager which gate will be in operation for your event. Please note that there is no access for visitors/contractors via Gate D. - Is there parking at the venue? Yes, there is free parking on site at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre. - Is there a speed limit on site? Yes, there is a 10mph speed limit in place throughout the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre road network, please ensure your delegates and Exhibitors are aware of this.
- Is there disabled parking at the venue? Yes, please ensure you display your blue badge once on site and you will be directed to the relevant area. - Is the venue accessible for wheelchairs? Yes, our Hall 1 entrance foyers provide wheelchair-friendly access and we have lifts at both to access the First Floor. There are disabled toilets throughout the facility.
- Is there a café/restaurant at the venue? There is not a permanent café/restaurant at the venue, though most events will have catering options available during the live hours, please check in advance with a member of the venue or organiser team. - Do you have electric car charging points on site? Yes, we offer EV charging ports at our parking facility with Rolec as our official charging partner, powered by Monta. - Here are some important details about the charging facilities: Charging tariff is 55p/KWh CP1 has 8 charging stations, CP4 has 10 charging stations for fast charging up to 22kW Visitors must bring their own charging cables Download the Monta app to access the charging services Follow the process in the app to scan, connect, activate, and plug in for charging Directional signage is available on-site For more details and assistance, please contact our team. - Do you have a cash machine on site? No. Although our catering units are equipped to take card payments, we recommend you come to site prepared if you wish to make cash purchases. - Is there a prayer room? Your event organiser will be able to advise which room is being utilised as a prayer room.
Do you have WiFi?
Hall 1 and Hall 5 has free café style WIFI which is suitable for browsing the internet and checking emails. This WIFI is not suitable for exhibitors to rely on for show critical elements. Additional requirements can be discussed via your Event Manager.
First aid
- What happens some at my events requires medical assistance? Your Event Manager will advise what level of First Aid response you will required based on your event requirements, following a risk assessment additional costs will apply. - What's the procedure in the event of a fire emergency? In the event of a fire emergency a siren alarm will sound and will be accompanied by a loud speaker announcement stating that fire evacuation is in process and everyone must leave the building. Fire exits are clearly marked and there are adequate fire marshals on site to ensure everyone leaves the building safely and indicates the location of the fire assembly points. Please do not attempt to leave site during an emergency evacuation as this may hinder emergency services gaining access to site. We have 5 refuge points on the first floor equipped with evacuation chairs. There are trained staff to assist those with impaired mobility and ensure they leave the building safely. Never attempt to re-enter the building until the ‘All Clear’ has been given.

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