hasta world

Member since 16th Aug 2021

We’re on a mission to create a new age of wellbeing and events, offering unforgettable experiences that stay with you forever.

At hasta, we believe business can be done better, our programs deliver world-class expertise through both physical and digital mediums, which educate for the now and keep on delivering throughout the future.

We have reimagined employee work-culture, wellbeing and corporate events by bringing them into a new age. Our experiences and wellbeing programmes delight, educate, and entertain, forging healthier, long-lasting relationships person to person, and business to business.

We don’t take our mission lightly.

hasta is built on the values of Conservation, Charity and Community. Committed to being carbon-negative, we also bring together and elevate communities across the world. We are about building memories, legacies, and infrastructure for everyone we work with.

So let us inspire you, your community, and everything that you do.

Be part of an experience and create a new culture.