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My name is Jane Whittaker (founder) of High Flying Events Crew.

Covid-19 pandemic impacted the entire world. Aviation was one of the major sectors that got hit by the crisis really hard. We have sadly seen the redundancies of thousands of cabin crew like me, and thousands were furloughed for long periods.

These highly skilled cabin crew with years of professional training and development from top airlines suddenly found themselves losing the jobs and lifestyle they loved.

I set up ‘High Flying Events Crew’ to help with mental health after a very dark year when we lost the jobs we loved and lived for. We were one huge family and within seconds we were torn apart.

I gambled my entire redundancy money from BA on this venture (and I'm a single mum). I followed my heart and strongly believed that we were not quite ready for the scrap heap.

We are a perfect fit in the hospitality industry with our extensive excellent training and face to face customer service experience. We are not young models but as guests point out we are courteous, polite, hard working, well groomed and always willing to help.

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