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Our customers define Hubilo as the ‘most complete’ virtual events platform out there. What does ‘complete’ mean though?We are the only platform that is focussed on building for all stakeholders in an event. From an attendee’s gratification to an exhibitor’s RoI, Hubilo works overtime for everybody. Here are a few things which make us different

1/ Branding flexibility: At Hubilo, no two events look the same. With advanced branding customization features, drape your events your way.

2/ Deep analytics: With an analytics layer that covers the breadth and depth of your event data, get access to rich information around each aspect of your event. Measure engagement in booths, reactions to sessions, number of minutes spent in chats and much more.

3/ Agile support: With a first response time of less than 20 seconds, somebody from Hubilo will always be on standby to address your questions pre, during and after an event.

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FAQs answered by HUBILO

Is the support cost included in my plans?
Yes. All Hubilo plans are inclusive of support fee. You do not have to pay for any additional support costs on top of your plans.
How does your support look like?
Hubilo’s support team makes itself available for three distinct phases of your event - pre-event, during-event and post-event. During the pre-event stage, our support team understands your event’s brief in granular detail and trains your team around platform capabilities to match your brief. During
Are your subscription plans flexible? What if I have a change of plans and want to add more attendees, speakers or exhibitors at the last moment?
We understand that nothing is static in the world of events. To account for this much needed flexibility, all Hubilo plans are accompanied with a provision to combine add-on packs for anything, really. Be it your need to add more attendees, speakers, lounge tables, breakout-rooms or anything in betw
Do you have payment flows built inside the registration feature?
Yes, Hubilo lets you accept payments from ticket sales, session seat purchases etc. from our registration feature. We are compatible with payments infrastructure like Stripe and Chargebee. We encourage you to ask for payment services from your Account Manager.
Can I stream certain sessions for just a select segment of my attendees?
Yes, Hubilo lets you broadcast certain sessions for select segments (say ‘VIP Delegates’) and hide them for the rest.

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