Jet Black Squares Ltd

Member since 16th Jan 2021

This is one of the best ways to experience a smartphone safari without having to physically be on a safari. Your Jet Black Squares host livestreams their phone to Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc, so you can see exactly how to spot, take and edit the photos in real time while being able to suggest shoot ideas and ask questions. You will see how to compose your images, use the available light, and edit your images using one of the best free apps around.

We go to the location of your choice in London, so you don’t have to. During the session we can cover specific genres (architecture, portraiture, fashion, nature, etc), or a generic session that covers a bit of everything.

Great for wherever you are in the world (we cover all time-zones), and also popular with ex-pats who are homesick for the UK and want to see what’s happening back at home.

Promoting Mental health in the workplace

There is a huge correlation between positive mental health and photography. Taking time out to stop, breathe and appreciate your surroundings has become significantly more important. Through the use of a smartphone not only can your staff appreciate their environment but they can also create personal memories. Whether working from home or in the office, the act of stepping away from the desk for an hour to learn a new skill whilst getting out in the fresh air is invaluable.