Member since 7th Dec 2020

Setting the Scene

It’s 2021 and your business is wanting to inform and educate key stakeholders, re-calibrate employees and reconnect with customers. Events have been virtual in 2020 and are now moving into a new hybrid world and need to deliver for attendees live and virtual. Business are communicating to audiences who are increasingly sophisticated and have high expectations of the brands they connect with. At the same time, attention spans are decreasing, ‘Zoom fatigue’ is real and there is added pressure on event formats to ensure audiences are fully engaged with content throughout each piece of communication.

Introducing JLLive

JLLive deliver immersive and interactive live, hybrid and on-demand broadcast quality events & experiences for agencies and corporates.

We uniquely blend the magic of television and film to curate ‘broadcast quality’ immersive and interactive events to live, virtual and on-demand audiences. As creative technical partners to the events and broadcast industry, JLLive has evolved to meet the need of brands to engage with and inspire increasingly sophisticated audiences.

Marrying extensive experience in live broadcasts with events, JLLive works with creative agencies and large corporates. JLLive draws on its strong TV heritage to deliver fabulous broadcast quality events and imaginative experiences including the creative use of video, lighting, sound, set, stage and event spaces to elevate brand communications.

JLLive’s offering is targeted at agencies working with large corporates who need creative technical expertise to help deliver brand communications professionally, targeting live and hybrid event attendees and view-on-demand audiences.