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  1. Be friendly, polite & kind, no negative opinions. Please be friendly, polite & kind. Try to help other members when you can as you never know when you might need their help yourself. No negative opinions of others.
  2. No abusive language or behaviour towards members. No abusive language or behaviour towards members or the DW team - we have zero tolerance to this. Any breach of this and the person in question will be removed from the group. Also, no rants allowed!
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  4. Make your answers relevant & no spam messages. Please only answer questions with relevant replies. Anything that's nothing to do with the question asked will politely be deleted. Please don't post send any unsolicited approaches or spam messages to the group by email or DM.
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  6. This group cannot be used to grow other groups. This group cannot be used to develop other facebook (or other) groups, memberships, listing sites, or databases/little black books using our members & features. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting any further applications from listing companies, other facebook or networking groups.
  7. Use the Freelancer, Supplier, Event or AOB Hour. Hours: Superstar Hour (Mon 1-2pm) Freelancer Hour (Mon 7-8pm) Supplier Hour (Wed 1-2pm) Event Hour (Fri 11-12 noon) AOB Hour (Sunday 11-12 noon) The use of testimonials on the group is strictly reserved for DW Superstars.
  8. No personal requests or discussions on the group. Please don't post personal requests on the group - they are not permitted and will be deleted immediately. Personal requests can be posted in our DW Superstars Club group. Also please note we are NOT an open discussion forum.
  9. Please provide more information for members. We politely request you that for all live leads you provide a detailed brief such as, location, dates, deadline, quantity, contact required, etc. A more detailed brief will encourage a better response from the members.
  10. No Off-Topic Content / We can't post this because. This group is 100% about the events industry - anything not related is not allowed on this group. Please do not post unrelated or tenuously related content - thanks. Or for any other reason - see notes accompanying this, thanks
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