A positive reflection on the last few months as an events professional

A positive reflection on the last few months as an events professional

A positive reflection on the last few months as an events professional.

Karen Edwards
Event & Show Services Ltd

Events Professionals, we are a resilient bunch.

The last four months have been about as tough as it gets. The industry that we love and the job that we love have disappeared right in front of our eyes.

To me, it still feels like a dream (or a nightmare), which I desperately want to end.

I miss the clients, the venue visits, the planning, the meetings, the negotiation with suppliers, the long days and late nights, seeing all that hard work come together and most importantly, the coffee (when no one cares how much you drink!!!)

So, you might be thinking that it is all doom and gloom in the world of an Events Professionals, but it isn’t. Far from it. #lockdown2020 has shown that we are a tough bunch, generally with a positive, sunny outlook and an appetite for being the best we can be.

Remaining positive during these challenging times has been difficult. Everyone has their own worries, concerns, stresses, and strains. What I have noticed consistently over the last few months, is the camaraderie of this fantastic industry. LinkedIn is a prime example; people are not shy to share helpful tips and advice to each other, to share industry knowledge, even as competitors to work together for the survival of this industry.

Even this week, a post on The Delegate Wranglers asking everyone to support and share events, webinars and training courses that are being planned. This left me all warm and fuzzy.

So, how are we being the best that we can be?

By diversifying, up-skilling and adapting

The upsurge in virtual events has given Events Professionals a chance to enhance their skills and learn a new platform for staging client events. Could #lockdown2020 see the rise of the Events Professional who is also a Producer? In the future, could this be what our clients need? Someone who can manage relationships, plan all the finer details of an event, and understands the technical terminology of the virtual world. Personally, I have really enjoying the influx of virtual events and the opportunities they bring. I have been on numerous training courses to enhance my knowledge of virtual event platforms, and also spent time on webinars and chatting to colleagues about this exciting way to showcase events.

There seems to be a plethora of training courses and webinars available some free and some paid for, it is hard not to get excited about learning a new skill or updating old ones. As Events Professionals, we are striving to be the best, to have the most up to date skills and most importantly to show they we can adapt to any situation. Yes, COVID-19 has been a shocker for most of us, but take a closer look, and there is a silver lining on that dark cloud. I have embraced training, when are we ever going to get the chance to do a training course in the middle of the day? When are we going to get the chance to learn about something new? Here is a snapshot of how I have been spending some of my time:

I wanted to write this blog, as I am proud to work in this industry. Yes, the last few months have been challenging, and on occasions have made me stop and question my loyalty to the industry, but then a friend, colleague, client gets in touch and makes everything ok again.

I believe in this great industry and all the fantastic people who work within it.

Let’s keep growing, keep learning, keep developing and keep sharing the event love.

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