5 Tips on how to be a sales leader during troubled times

What is a sales leader?

Firstly I think it is important to note that to be a leader you don’t have to manage a team. I think this quote by John Quincy Adams sums up a true leader:
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

During this troubled time everyone is relying on each other more than ever for guidance and strength. It can be easy to lead your team and peers when sales conversion is high, you are confirming high-revenue enquiries and you are hitting your budget. However, being a leader through tough times can be difficult.Ask yourself, what can you do to position yourself as a leader? If you work on embodying specific qualities, some of which I’ve detailed below, you can become a true sales leader within the events industry no matter your role in a business.

1. Stay positive whilst keeping it real
Staying unfalteringly positive can be overrated. No one wants to speak to someone who is constantly happy; sometimes you want to shake them and tell them to snap out of it. However, staying positive whilst keeping it real can be a very attractive trait in a colleague or manager. Share good news story and keep upbeat when chatting to colleagues, but make sure you show empathy during this difficult time.

2. Reach out
Human interaction and relationships are now more important than ever. Scroll through LinkedIn and message a contact or two a day to ask them how they are doing. You might not even know them (they could be a potential lead) but reaching out and showing people you care can make someone’s day, and people will remember that. To be a great sales leader you should be offering your ear to both colleagues and clients alike, and now is a great time to begin the initial stages of a future relationship.

3. Inspire and motivate
Motivate and empower industry colleagues through your direct interaction with them and on socials. A great sales leader isn’t afraid of people overtaking them or getting more credit than them. Supporting others in their career paths is a huge way of showing leadership skills as it portrays a confidence that will automatically result in respect. Again, people will remember how you treated them in difficult times and want to help you too.

4. Embody and encourage personal development
I am a strong believer in personal development (which is useful for a sales trainer!), and now is a fantastic time for you to work on yourself and your skills. There are so many free virtual workshops to choose from right now - you could probably fill a full-time job attending them all! Be picky and choose the right workshops for you lead by someone who inspires and encourages you. I suggest choosing just one or two so that you can give your full attention to it; it would be a waste of time to do things half-heartedly. Encourage others to do the same; everyone is allowed to attend training on furlough, and great sales leaders will be encouraging their peers to work towards the best version of themselves.

5. Be someone’s biggest Cheerleader
This is my absolute favourite thing to do. Supporting and reaching out is really important when pitching yourself as a leader but being someone’s biggest cheerleader goes one step further. It means you give them enough respect that you proactively want them to succeed. This could be a colleague or a client. Encourage their development, tag them in potential business opportunities on LinkedIn, nominate them for awards and celebrate their wins with them. You will be surprised at how much people will appreciate your support, and how they will reflect it all right back on you!

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