Matt Daniel-Baker

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Award-Nominated Mind Reader and Mentalist, Matt Daniel-Baker has been stunning audiences for over 20 years with his incredible abilities and razor sharp wit.

He has just secured his own show at The Crazy Coqs Theatre in Piccadilly, London - starting Jan 2022

He has performed in over 30 countries for major companies, well known celebrities and on numerous TV shows including Masters of Illusion and Penn & Teller Fool Us.

Matt's critically acclaimed performances have earned him a highly respected reputation amongst his peers and clients alike.

Matt has now developed his after dinner act to bring it to a virtual audience. In 2020 he performed over 150 virtual shows and has, once again, found himself in high demand all over the world.

Matt Daniel-Baker's Virtual Mind Reading Show is fast-paced, jaw-dropping and FULLY interactive.

7 Superstars testimonials for Matt Daniel-Baker

"The best bit of the whole two day conference"

Just to say

Without a doubt, you were the biggest hit of our clients leadership forum party on Tuesday (and I would argue the best bit of the whole two day conference!)

You created a real buzz on the night and it was all the guests could talk about the following day. At breakfast I overheard snippets of conversations about how talented, funny and amazing you were, along the lines of 'how on earth did he do that?'
Firstly, I wanted to thank you on behalf of our client, who said you were the highlight of the night. Their brief was for a laid back party, where guests could engage with the entertainment if they wanted you had them eating out of your hands right from the start, they all wanted to interact with you as you managed to surprise and delight absolutely everyone in the room with your close up mind reading trickery and banter. I think there was even a queue at one stage to speak to you!

Another client was googling you the next day and has now booked to see your theatre show!

I know I personally didnt get the opportunity to get baffled by you, purely because I was too busy notching up my step count making sure the night went smoothly! Although I now have that FOMO feeling, I am so happy I recommended you for this event. We as organisers do have to take a little bit of a risk by recommending entertainment (that you can never be certain will go down well with a particular audience) but I did not need to worry. I cant imagine any type of audience that wouldnt love what you bring to the party.
You absolutely smashed it, and made it a night to remember for every single guest in the room.

8 months ago by Caroline Curd - Dutch and Brit ( Uni-Lever Event )

"Highlight of the evening" - Princess Beatrice of York

Feedback via event producer, Isabel Spencer-Shellard:
"Congratulations on booking Matt. He was the highlight of the evening."
- Princess Beatrice of York

11 months ago by Annabel's Private Members Club

Your performance was incredible!

Your performance was incredible, and our guests had nothing but positive feedback!
I am still trying to figure out how on earth you managed to predict so much of our evening!

1 year ago by Kinga Kusak - Copy House


We asked Matt to organise a vitual show for our company's 30th annivesary celebrations and the evening was a total success. Very interactive, exceptionally clever and highly entertaining. We had about 30 different households attend via Zoom and everyone had a really great time with text messages flooding in afterwards from attendees praising the show. Would absolutely reccomend and thank you so much Matt for such a fab evening and special way to celebrate our company - Jess.

2 years ago by Calvey Marine Ltd.

Top-notch entertainment

I've been working with Matt for years. His act is spectacular and he's lovely to work with. He's seamlessly moved his act online, and it's brilliant. 100% recommended!

2 years ago by Natalie Haverstock

Matt Daniel-Baker is EPIC!

We have been working with Matt Daniel-Baker now for the past 6 months and have nothing but great things to say about him.

He's versatile, fantastic at what he does, all our clients love him and re-book or refer him to others, which tells you everything you need to know.

The only other thing I would add is he's a genuinely great guy and pleasure to work with, thanks as always Matt!

Highly recommend!

2 years ago by Jo Ferreday - Sheer Edge Ltd

Matt is fantastic

We were lucky enough to have Matt as a guest on our DW Live show back in March 2020 and he was absolutely fantastic. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. His show is amazing too #recommended

2 years ago by The Delegate Wranglers

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FAQs answered by Matt Daniel-Baker

How does Mind Reading work as entertainment?
Much like a magic show. If I am performing 'in-person', on stage or live on a virtual platform, I will call upon people to assist me. If you have seen Derren Brown perform then you can expect very similar things. My show is also filled with humour and audience interaction.
Is your VIRTUAL show interactive with the audience?
Yes, yes, yes! I've worked hard on my show to make sure I include as many people as possible. In fact, most of the reviews I receive include praise for including so many people.
Do you reveal any private thoughts?
Not at all. All of my routines are purely for entertainment purposes.
Is your show suitable for families?
Yes, very much so. While my corporate show is aimed at an adult audience, it still works if there happen to be youngsters there. My virtual show is even better for families - I often encourage the audience to allow their family to join them on their screen.
How long is your show?
Typically my show is 45 minutes. I can, however, accommodate any required timings from 5 minutes to 1 hour.