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Meeting Mojo

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Meeting Mojo is a powerful virtual event hub supporting live and on-demand content as well as person-to-person interactions.

Our Digital Suite includes:

  • 1:1 Meeting Scheduling with Video Chat – includes screen share & instant messaging
  • Live Broadcasting – speaker/panel plus unlimited audience
  • Moderated Sessions – for webinars & breakout groups
  • Private Sessions – for invitation-only roundtables and workshops
  • On-Demand Video Hubs
  • Video Embedding – for Profiles and website pages

All broadcast sessions included record and playback options.

Request a free trial/demo here: https://www.meeting-mojo.com/

15 Superstars testimonials for Meeting Mojo

Great support for digital conference

We used the Meeting Mojo platform alongside a four day online conference we were holding. It was a great platform to ensure we offered networking as a conference benefit, but didn't mean the team had to spend hours facilitating it themselves. This freed up our time to focus on running the events, with networking taking place in the background. The team were really helpful and very responsive which is really important when you need things to happen as soon as possible and you're juggling lots of other things at the same time. I would definitely recommend the platform and will look to use it for future events.

9 days ago by MediWales

Great platform for virtual conference

We used Meeting Mojo for a scientific conference and I felt it was a great supplement to Zoom, giving attendees a 'one stop shop' to view the event programme, attendee list and scientific posters. We appreciated the 1-to-1 meeting booking system which allowed our attendees to network and was particularly useful for the poster session. Meeting Mojo is also great for international events as it allows attendees to block out their availability depending on their time zone. I felt like I had some silly questions when getting the site set up but Abigail was always helpful and quick to respond. I would definitely use Meeting Mojo again and I have recommended it to my events colleagues.

17 days ago by Faye Harland

Efficient and friendly platform

We just finished the second edition of the Freight Forwarders Virtual Conference with Meeting Mojo, which gathered 200 agents from 60 countries. A three days event with more than 82500 streamed minutes of 1:1 meetings that allowed us to keep our members connected despite the pandemic. User friendly for attendees and organisers, with useful metrics and great customer service, we would recommend Meeting Mojo to any networking events organizer.

26 days ago by Americas Alliance Network

Excellent Virtual Platform and Easy to Use

Having had to move our 1st International Expo & Conference from a live event to a virtual event last September, I can honestly say that the team at Meeting Mojo gave us great service and helped us develop our "Digital Hub" and the experience for our Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers and Delegates. The platform was extremely easy to use and was cost effective in not breaking the bank! We would highly recommend using Meeting Mojo. We are using the again for our 2021 hyrbid expo & conference.

1 month ago by SEHTA (South East Health Technologies Alliance)

The most helpful one-to-one meeting tool

We are a long time client of Meeting Mojo. Prior to the pandemic we used the partnering system to facilitate our onsite events and had an excellent experience both from an organizational standpoint and attendee perspective. Meeting Mojo has valued any feedback and recommendations, and used it for a better user experience. In addition the Meeting Mojo team always assisted us with any unusual requests we faced in a prompt manner. The transition to virtual has been a difficult pivot for everyone in the industry and Meeting Mojo has continued to offer an excellent service while continuously adapting. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

2 months ago by The Conference Forum

Developing educational partnerships during a global pandemic

The Training Gateway worked with The Chamber of Commerce on an event which brought together UK Universities, Colleges and Private Training Providers who wished to export their training offer overseas and meet virtually with overseas education institutions.

The popularity of the event resulted in 115 virtual meetings needing to be scheduled!!!

Meeting Mojo was fantastic and the perfect solution! Abigail was really helpful, clearly explaining to us how the platform worked and helping us understand how our delegates could get the very best from using the software.

Abigail worked hard with us helping us to load up delegate profiles and assisting us whenever we had questions.

Certainly, and without doubt, the event and supporting software provided by Meeting Mojo proved that in the current climate, where overseas travel is not currently possible - educational partnerships and business connections can still be developed even virtually during a global pandemic!!

2 months ago by The Training Gateway

A great experience powering our global meeting

Having used Meeting Mojo for the first time in 2020, running our Digital Global Annual Meeting with 60+ nations participating, the platform did perform etremely well, offering an easy and user friendly surface as well as quick response from the back-up team.

For us there are two more events on schedule for 2021 with Meeting Mojo..!

2 months ago by United Ocean Lines Pte. Ltd.

Best 1:1 online meeting platform

As event organizers we always want to give the best experience to our clients (sponsors and visitors). With Covid19 we have had to reinvent the experience of live events and we have chosen Meeting Mojo as our base platform for 1: 1 meetings between event attendees.

The flexibility in its configuration, friendly use, and easy implementation meant that during 2020 we have held 6 events and that we will soon have new ones in our pipeline. Definitively it is a great solution for event organizers who want to give a different and great experience to the participants of a virtual event.

2 months ago by Marcelo Burman, CEO, Connecta B2B

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FAQs answered by Meeting Mojo

Who uses it for digital events?
Take a look at how some of our clients have recently delivered their events digitally by visiting: http://www.meeting-mojo.com/digital-events-who-uses-it/ . If you’re planning a digital or hybrid event contact us to see how we can help make your event a success.
Who uses it for in-person events?
You can read some of our case studies here: http://www.meeting-mojo.com/who-uses-it/
How much does it cost?
Meeting Mojo is the only one-to-one meetings application and event hub designed to save both time and money. Event packages start from just £560+VAT for an event. Find out more here: http://www.meeting-mojo.com/one-to-one-meetings-pricing/
Can I try before I buy?
Sure, we offer free trials plus free 30-minute demos and access to test out for yourself, in your own time. Find out more here: http://www.meeting-mojo.com/get-one-to-one-meetings/
What features do you have?
A host of features make our one-to-one meetings software flexible enough to suit almost any venue or event format. Meeting Mojo websites can be customized – from simple event branding through to a full conference website with registration, one-to meetings scheduling and agenda listing with workshop/activity sign-up. Find out more: http://www.meeting-mojo.com/features/