MG Promotions Ltd.

Member since 22nd Apr 2022

MG Promotions have an established reputation for providing clients with confident, proactive, and experienced promotional staff to support events and elevate brands. We have a dedicated team of exceptional brand ambassadors, event managers, and support staff, as well as a management approach that is extremely dedicated and unrivalled. Every person we put in front of a client is conscientious and highly capable in facilitating their needs.

We have been working within this industry for almost twenty-five years which has allowed us to form an unparalleled level of knowledge and understanding. We know what makes an event succeed, along with the pitfalls to look out for to avoid any issues. Our services can be employed to deal with an event from its inception right up to its execution, or our nationwide team of varying event staff can be booked to assist once it begins.

The team at MG Promotions have worked extensively up and down the country on event campaigns for many clients, and you’d struggle to find an event or a corner of the UK that we aren’t familiar with. This is what gives us the confidence to say we are an experienced staffing agency, with an unmatched approach that means we’d rather travel and be onsite ourselves to ensure we’re providing clients with the best service.

A reputation is mostly based upon the success of your most recent experience, it just so happens that we have such a long history of providing a unique and dedicated service and that is what has strengthened our reputation.

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