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Digitisation has transformed the meetings and events sector and knowing how to successfully manage, produce and execute all three event models (virtual, hybrid and in-person) has never been more strategically critical. As events enter a golden age, we are hugely proud of the many ways we can use our full range of event services to make a difference. Freeing our clients so they can focus on the things that matter most means they can get their events to the next level. In 3 words... Partnership. Performance. Results

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FAQs answered by MICE Concierge Ltd

How are you able to offer such a wide range of services?
Depth of experience, the right people with exceptional talent, understanding our clients needs, staying ahead of the curve, committing to excellence.
Why are you Association Events Experts?
We've been delivering a wide range of association events for 20+ years, including Congress, Symposia, Conferences, Regional Meetings, Exhibitions etc. We understand the challenges Associations face with membership attendance and retention, and delivering value through the event experience.
You deliver over 90 virtual events a year?
We are technically proficient in online technology, providing hosting, tech and production services. Simple to complex solutions, large conferences, webinars, masterclasses and online training programmes. We support speakers through the process, providing engaging content & confident direction.
Do you offer onsite logistics support?
We use technology and elevated service to deliver an exceptional delegate experience. Registration desk and manual badging solutions + self-check-in badging kiosks. We offer customisable event apps to various levels of complexity.We move/manage people for breakouts, catering, dine-arounds, travel.