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Member since 3rd Jun 2020

The presentations I deliver are about 'innovation in business' and 'how to think differently' in order to obtain huge success. My audio-visual talks interweave stories from my life about the successes (and challenges!) I’ve encountered in the gift industry and elsewhere, and cover the areas of ‘How To Have Amazing & Lucrative Ideas’ , ‘Why Innovation Is Vital’, ‘Launching A Product On The Internet’, 'How Good Design Can Bond You To Customers', 'Guerilla Marketing' and 'Why Creativity Is The New Power'.

My talks can be any length you want - they’re usually around fifty minutes, and can be tailored from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on what works best for the event. I can also present remotely via webcam.

The presentations I deliver mix humour with ‘business success’ - and have received great testimonials (scroll down for recent tweets): http://bit.ly/shedsimovetestimonials