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MyClearText is a leading live captioning company with over 50 years of experience delivering captions of the highest standard. Our focus on utilising advanced technology and providing innovative solutions has established us as a pioneer in the live captioning industry.

We provide comprehensive live captioning services for a wide range of events, including face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid events. Our team of experts combines technical know-how with a human touch to provide real-time, high-quality captions that bring your events to life for everyone.

At MyClearText, we believe that accessibility and inclusivity are crucial to creating truly memorable events, and we are dedicated to making sure that no one is left behind.

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FAQs answered by MyClearText Ltd

How are the captions delivered?
We work remotely delivering real time captions to organisations and individuals around the world and in any time zone. To do this we need an audio and video feed, and we deliver the captions via the Internet to any platform, device or screen.
How much will it cost?
Live captioning prices vary according to the content and the type of captioning required. We have special prices for charities and not-for-profit organisations. Our prices include the highest quality captioning service combined with our technical expertise and end-to-end event management support.
How accurate are the captions?
Our captioners train for many years to accurately report live speech at speeds of up to 250-300 words per minute delivered at 99% accuracy contextually and grammatically.
Besides English what other languages do you provide?
We provide human produced live captions in French, German and Spanish. We have a developed a unique process to bring humans and AI together to produce multiple language translated real-time captions at a high rate of accuracy . This is a great cost-effective way of deliverying over 100 languages.
What other services do you offer?
We provide a range of additional services to help you make your content accessible: - Post event draft transcript - Post production services - British Sign Language - International sign language

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