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3 apps that make work more fun

Published By Neil Thompson on 30th June 2020

3 apps that make work more fun

In the first ever Check this out, we spoke about apps that can boost your productivity, and most notably, forest, which is an app that turns your work time into an in app achievement.

So on a similar note, this week we are looking at apps that do that and more, applications which have the main goal of turning that big pile of paperwork or long day ahead into something more entertaining.

1. Habitica
Habitica is a habit tracking app, with one almighty twist. It turns your habits into a fully blown strategy game. Achieving goals that you set for yourself helps you level up in the game, which provides as a funny sort allegory for the way you almost level up in real life through getting stuff done and working hard. You can earn in-game rewards for the real life work you do such as armour and pets and you can also play/work alongside your friends as you live more productively together

One of the most interesting things about this app is that it is completely free. Although the application can seem a little overwhelming at the beginning, this is a must have for any-one wanting to make their day to day task setting more fun. With this app being recommended by some of the most productive people out there and with a large cult following of 2 million users, Habitica truly blurs the line between fun and work.Get it HERE

2. Zombies, Run!
Have you ever thought about what it might feel like to live in a post-apocalyptic world, being chased by zombies hungry for your blood? Although today feels dangerously close to that, Zombies, Run! is everything you'd ever need to live such a scenario, this app literally scares you into running. A mixture of zombie growls and tense music help you most with the pacing of your run, ensuring you never slow down too much to be ‘caught’.

Now, this app definitely isn't for everyone, but can be a great experience to those who need that extra kick (or bite) to go for a run. Exercise is, of course, essential to a good day of hard work, and an app like this can be a great helping hand. The in-app goals system is extensive, and while the storyline is slightly janky, small features like the ability to mix your own music playlists with the zombie growls make this a really full rounded, frightening experience.
Get it HERE

3. FreakyAlarm
Finally we have FreakyAlarm, this app truly does what it says on the tin. It acts as quite an outlandish alarm which requires you to solve some basic puzzles in order to turn it off! This, according to them, helps stimulate the brain, fully waking you up and making sure you won't be drifting off to sleep any time soon.

This app is great for anyone who has trouble getting out of bed on those cozy mornings, and for you I would also recommend last week's article on 5 ways to craft a productive morning routine. Freaky alarm is freaky indeed, but it definitely gets the job of waking you up and ready to work done, with some interesting puzzles all the while.
Get it HERE

Alexander Thompson
DW Staff Writer