3 steps to a useful morning routine

3 steps to a useful morning routine

Published by Neil Thompson

23rd June 2020

Published by Neil Thompson
23rd June 2020

Talking about the perfect morning routine has been endlessly persistent since the dawn of the internet and the self-improvement chatter which came along with it. For so long I had brushed off this section of life until I realized just how useful it can be to apply even the most basic of routines to your life. There is no by the numbers routine that suits everyone, rather it’s about looking at what might be good for you and tailoring a wake-up regimen to your unique needs. So, here are 3 steps to a useful morning routine

1. Waking up and getting going
Getting up. First the worst, as they say. These first seconds of the day present a unique challenge (especially during lockdown), this challenge is nearly always overcome with brute force and willpower. No morning routine can be completed if you don't make it out of bed! Therefore, here are a couple of tips for this often overlooked part of the morning routine.

Firstly, put your phone (or alarm clock) on the other side of the room so that when it goes off, you have to get out of bed to turn it off, therefore, forcing you out of bed. Another really useful method for getting going in the morning is to focus on the goals set for the day ahead when in that dazey state between slumber and wide awake. Thinking about the goals set for yourself by you or others around you, puts on that little bit of pressure you might need as a booster to get going.

A great app that can help get you going for the day ahead is sleep cycle, a free app which not only provides detailed analysis of your sleeping pattern, but also will be able to work in synchronization with smart light bulbs or the Phillips hue lightbulb to turn your lights on as your in app alarm goes off. This multi sensory wakeup call doesn't have to be with a jolt though, and through using the app you can ask the lightbulb to simulate a sunrise in the room, so that waking up can be a luxurious experience to kick off the day.

2. Self-care and self-prepare
Here, the goal isn't to list off self care products that you MUST have. More to suggest some different ways to clean and get ready in the morning that might help boost the day in the right direction. One idea that is talked about a lot is a cold shower, while controversial is a proven method to kick the day off with a (difficult) bang. Cold showers, while also used as a treatment for depression, are a great way to start off the day with a difficult task, introducing us to that resistance we will find throughout a difficult day and helping us to overcome it by taking this first challenge head on.

Exercise is a tricky one, it can sometimes be even harder to feel motivated for than getting out of bed in the first place, but the benefits are huge - including but not limited to: Better sleep, lower blood pressure, more energy and a better mood. Morning exercise does not need to be some high octane gym session, but is better seen as a way to wake up the body.

Yoga is also a great way to start any day (there are all sorts of beginner 10-min routines online), as well as making sure to eat well. To be more efficient with your morning routine, it can be really helpful to prepare your exercise bag and get clothes ready the night before, to make sure you waste none of the valuable time in the day ahead. These are all really basic things, everyone knows exercise is good for you, that you should eat breakfast and you should definitely shower, but it's about making these things into a unique structure for you that's the important thing for you, whether it’s turning the shower nozzle to cold or a brief HIIT session before the day begins, make sure you feel benefits you the most, and incorporate it into your routine for a positive day.

3. Using the morning
To do all of these important steps is one thing, but to let them build up to some sort of productive output is another. This is key across any profession but particularly in the events industry which involves so much planning, use these early hours to switch off from the outside world and get ready for whatever is next for you, whether that's bullet pointing goals for the day ahead of or looking through a calendar and noticing the upcoming events. Taking these early hours of the morning to turn off your emails and focus on your own personal progression is something everyone can and should do more often.

Admittedly, though it's hard to gain focus before switching on for the day, a great help to do just that is to use apps like the ones mentioned in last weeks article, but particularly 'Headspace', and meditation in general, is a great way to feel although you're taking control of the day and placing a firm grip on what you want to get out of it. Meditation can also be used in conjunction with time to think about goals, and imagine what a future might look like if you meet them. A morning routine isn't a one stop route to success, but crafting one for yourself is a vital piece to the puzzle that is personal success.

We hope you've enjoyed this article, we'll keep checking everything out and bring another one to you soon

Alexander Thompson
DW Staff Writer