Asembl Group announce their launch

Asembl Group announce their launch

Published by Neil Thompson

20th September 2021

Published by Neil Thompson
20th September 2021

An integrated communications group has launched with the aim of providing event and marketing buyers with real expertise and innovation to solve their creative, events, marketing, venue, and logistical challenges.

Asembl Group is the brainchild of Gavin Farley, Group CEO. He has appointed ex-Concerto Group Chairman Mike Kershaw and Clive Agency founder Peter Jackson as the group’s respective Non-Exec Chairman and Managing Director.

“The event industry and marketing landscape has changed massively over the last 18 months, and I’m convinced that new times call for new approaches to brand engagement and communication.”

Gavin Farley, Group CEO, Asembl Group

Asembl aims to deliver a fresh and dynamic approach to creative event and marketing challenges, providing buyers access to leading talent, skills, and solutions presented through one easy point of contact.

Asembl Group is comprised of:

  • In2Events – live and virtual event creation and management.
  • Fly Creative Design– 3D, 2D, graphic and digital design.
  • 50 Blue – marketing services and campaign management.
  • LogisKIT – logistics and large-scale printing.

Farley continued: “The group’s aim is to make the decision of selecting a supplier partner as easy as possible. Whether clients are looking for a partner to design a logo, manage a digital campaign or deliver a fully integrated global event, the talent and skills to achieve fantastic results are readily available within the Asembl Group.”

Through this unique structure, Asembl Group aims to save event and marketing professionals time and money, whilst still providing market-leading support. With Asembl, there is no requirement to “shop around” for expertise as it can source, manage, and control all the elements of logistical projects, campaigns, and events as and when appropriate from within its own resources.

“After working alongside some of the world’s leading brands for more than 20 years, Gavin, Mike and I have identified that the ‘one stop shop’ agency model has become a thing of the past. But we still liked the idea of having fantastic choice backed by a trusted name. With Asembl, we’re building a super-flexible model where clients only need to engage with the people and services that are right for their project KPIs, with talent and trust at the heart of our values.

Peter Jackson, Managing Director, Asembl Group

Mike Kershaw, who will act as Non-Executive Chairman of the Group, concurred, and explained: “This new venture brings together ‘best in class’ people and solutions to form a leading integrated communications business. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, Asembl Group is focused on specialisms within events, marketing, digital and logistics. We want buyers to draw on the vast skills and experience that feature within the companies that sit within our group and to work with us to deliver a seamless experience.”

Jackson continued: “Each business stands alone and can be judged on its own merits, but equally they can easily join forces and deliver a fully integrated solution as and when needed. This lean and agile approach is driven by Gavin’s energy and vision. Whilst mine and Mike’s experience of building successful businesses will, we hope, be a breath of fresh air to organisations that are looking for originality, experience, results, and most of all value.”