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DW Live #27 - Q&A with Diane & Neil Thompson

Published By Neil Thompson on 28th August 2020

DW Live #27 - Q&A with Diane & Neil Thompson

DW Live #27 - Everything you need to know about The Delegate Wranglers
Q&A with Diane & Neil Thompson
Friday 28 August 2020 @ 1.30pm (UK time)

This is a Delegate Wranglers Live show with a difference! To celebrate reaching the fantastic milestone of 20,000 members recently, for this show Dom is going to be joined by the people behind the DW group - Diane & Neil Thompson to discuss all things Delegate Wranglers!

So this is your opportunity to learn about the thinking behind the group's inception and the story so far. It will be your chance to ask the team anything you might need to know about the group:

- What's the journey so far
- How has the group developed
- What's next?
- What's it like to work with Dominic Compagnone every week!!!!! 🤣

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