DW Special Agents - Carrie Larwood

DW Special Agents - Carrie Larwood

Published by Neil Thompson

13th November 2020

Published by Neil Thompson
13th November 2020

In the latest Special Agents feature, we caught up one of our amazing agents to find out why they so are fantastic at what they do! This time up it's the turn of the fabulous Carrie Larwood - founder and MD of Function Fixers venue finding agency, which Carrie formed in 2006. Carrie has over 20 years experience in all aspects of venue finding.

Q. Hi Carrie, as you are clearly a ‘Special Agent’ yourself, which actor is your favourite James Bond?
A. I think this would have to be the one and only late Sean Connery. Not discounting the others, but he was the first James Bond I saw!

Q. Tell us a bit about your agency and your role there.
A. Function Fixers is a unique and bespoke venue finding agency. Our main focus has always been to provide a quick, bespoke, professional and free service to everyone needing a venue and to match clients to the most suitable venues for each event. I am very much hands on and work with clients on a daily basis, but I also really enjoy the challenge of SEO and website optimization, so when not finding venues for clients, I have my head deep into meta tags, keywords etc!

Q. What kind of events do you work on?
​A. We work on all types of events. Our clients work across all types of industries, so we can turn our hands to finding any type of venue. It matters not if we need to find a unique conference venue for an annual event, find a venue for examinations, a private dining room, a small meeting room or come up with dry hire venue ideas for a big brand or launch event just to mention a few. Nothing is too small or too big for us!

Q. What do you love most about your work?
A. The bit I love most is when we find the perfect venue match for each client’s brief. Having happy clients is of utmost importance for us. I also love introducing clients to new and different venues that they may never even have heard of. We always have fresh venue ideas and are constantly on the lookout for new ones.

Q. How could clients benefit from working with you – what do you guys do better than anyone else?
A. Apart from offering a fast, free and professional service, we make sure that we take the time to listen to our clients and fully understand each brief. We don’t waste their valuable time with venues that clearly won’t work. Working with us will ensure that they will have brilliant venue options usually within the hour. We are also able to negotiate best possible rates at all venues, making sure that our clients get the best deal going every time.

Q. Describe yourself at work in 5 words
A. Determined, hard-working, thorough, fair and a bit anal about my team providing the best possible service to every client!

Q. And finally - the quickfire round!

For breakfast – full fry up or continental? Continental
Favourite Movie? As Good as it Gets (big fan of Jack Nicholson)
Gym or comfy sofa? Gym
Rollercoaster or Hook-A-Duck? Rollercoaster
Dawn or dusk? Dawn
Black tie party or pub with friends? Pub with friends

If anyone wants to find out more about you and the team, how can they do it?

Email: carrie@function-fixers.co.uk
Tel: 020 7186 8686
Website: https://www.functionfixers.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/functionfixers.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/functionfixers/
Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carrie-larwood-8085b617/