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Event Marketing Association endorses event safety training for corporates

Published By Neil Thompson on 19th August 2020

Event Marketing Association endorses event safety training for corporates

The Event Marketing Association (EMA), the association for in-house corporate eventprofs, is recommending that its members undertake Hire Space’s ‘Safer Events’ training and accreditation for event organisers. The association has also announced a 10% discount for members.

Designed to equip event organisers with the knowledge and confidence to organise live events post-lockdown, and inspire confidence in clients and delegates, Hire Space’s Safer Events accreditation is developed in collaboration with government departments, public health organisations and industry trade bodies.

Organisations to have completed the training include George P Johnson, Smyle, the NHS, Virgin Media and Morningstar.

Richard Waddington, chair of the EMA, said it was important for corporates to mitigate risks to provide assurance. He said: “Having reviewed the Live Events Accreditation documents we recognise the necessity to provide our members the comfort and confidence in knowing they can follow formal industry guidelines. It also mitigates the risk for their businesses by providing assurance that correct processes will be followed in the management of their events during these difficult times”.

The training takes approximately three hours to complete, including online assessments which must be passed before accreditation is awarded. Modules include ‘The Science of Covid-19; Government Guidelines - What You Can and Can’t Do’; ‘Safer Event Measures - What You Need to Know’; and Your Responsibilities as an Events Organiser'.

Guidance follows published advice in the Safer Events - A Framework for Action white paper, which is being followed by more than 1,500 events businesses as a gold standard for a safe return to events post Covid.

Once accredited, event professionals receive a digital certificate with their Unique Assessment Number, a Safer Event risk assessment template, and digital Safer Event Organiser design assets to communicate with their clients and stakeholders.

Natalie Shattock, event manager EMEA at Morningstar, said: “This will help build momentum in our sector, and support venues and the wider supply chain, as well as instilling confidence in our would-be delegates by demonstrating that we are prioritising their safety”

All accredited Safer Event Organisers are added to a publicly available list on with their unique assessment number.

Edward Poland, co-founder of Hire Space added: “The EMA is the leading association for in-house planners and has led the way in producing high-quality content and advice for its members since Covid hit. We are pleased to be supporting their members and working collaboratively to help confidence in the industry”

Event professionals looking to become accredited and complete the training can sign up here. EMA members can claim their 10% discount as part of the checkout, which can be availed here

Additionally, a 50% discount is available for any event professional made redundant due to Covid-19 through this link.

Download the White Paper HERE