Events R Talented launch their 2020/21 programme

Events R Talented launch their  2020/21 programme

Published by Neil Thompson

18th June 2020

Published by Neil Thompson
18th June 2020

The Events R Talented Team have been working hard behind the scenes during the current pandemic to ensure that we are ready to raise money for charity, entertain our audiences and discover yet another amazing new talent from our fantastic events industry.

The initiative which only started a couple of years ago has raised an amazing £14000 for both worldwide and UK charities in those two years, but could not have achieved this without the great support of so many event professionals from within the industry. These Event Professionals from all over the UK and worldwide include hotels, venues, small and large event agencies, DMC’s , DMC Representation Companies, entertainers, media outlets and the charities themselves. Irrespective of size, these event profs have really supported the Events R Talented initiative.

Events R Talented are proud to be:

- The original event professional talent initiative
- The original one totally focused on raising money for charitable causes
- The only one operating on a pure not for profit basis
- The only one that is completely self-funded by the four organisers and not sponsored or receive funds from large corporate or media organisations
- The only one with the vision to raise money for charity and discover new industry talent
- The one event industry talent initiative that recognises event professional talent and is supported from all over by genuine event professionals whilst still raising much needed charitable funds
- The original one that devised their own name and their own branding, taking the decision not to take the easy route and attempt to plagiarise or copy imagery from internationally recognised commercial talent shows
- The event prof initiative that raised £6000 in 2018 for impoverished children in rural South Africa affected by HIV/AIDS
- The event prof initiative that raised £8000 in 2019 for the homeless on the streets of London
- The event prof’ initiative that received industry recognition as recipients of a ‘Best Use of Small Budget’ Award in 2019
- Supported by industry charity Meeting Needs

Ken Findlay of Events R Talented said “We have achieved so much in such a relatively short period of time. We are so pleased as genuine event profs to have raised so much money for our charities and know that we could not have achieved any of this without the support of so many event professionals in our great industry. There are so many to thank and too many to list but can we just say a big thank you to all.
You recognised what we are trying to do and could see that we could only achieve it with quality networking, a professional attitude and a lot of goodwill from across the industry and you guys certainly delivered. Together with support, we have all had lots of fun in the past couple of years, raised lots of money and recognised some amazing talent from within the industry. All of it done, as well without backing from big media organisations or expensive advertising campaigns. It was done because we all care and are all willing to support great causes and enjoy doing it”.
Looking ahead to the future, Findlay added “As many know, we are supporting Hospices of Hope for 2020/21, this fantastic UK Charity supports children with life limiting or life threatening illness in some of Europe’s poorest countries such Albania and Moldova, the latter unfortunately being Europe’s poorest. We know that everyone is suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic and funds for all charity initiatives will be tight. However, we are already in discussion with venues for hosting our auditions when we can. We are planning some initial fund-raising initiatives to get money coming in. No matter how small the amount is, every penny counts and every penny goes to Hospices of Hope.
We've already put together a DJ Mix that you can watch and listen to, as well as dance away whilst in lockdown and this week we released our new donations page HERE
Watch this space for more good news from Events R Talented and thank you again to all event profs who have supported in the past. We look forward to your continued support”.