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EventsCase integrates with Zoom to facilitate virtual events

Published By Neil Thompson on 23rd July 2020

EventsCase integrates with Zoom to facilitate virtual events

Attendees only need to register within the all-in-one EventsCase event management software to enjoy all the features provided by a single platform

The Delegate Wranglers supporting partner, EventsCase takes a further step in developing flexible and practical tools for event professionals. In this case, it is a new web module for the all-in-one event management platform which allows the integration of Zoom content, whether it be from a meeting or a webinar. Until now, it was not possible to stay inside the event website and access the live Zoom session, it had to be opened in a different tab. This is no longer a problem, ensuring that the company's branding and the event branding are not missed when integrated into the EventsCase customisable website.

This integration will allow attendees of virtual or hybrid events to enjoy the compatible features of Zoom (streaming video, chat, Q&A) plus EventsCase's features (networking and engagement tools, gamification, web, registration among others) all in a single platform.

The event organiser will only have to insert, in a simple and intuitive manner, the meeting or webinar ID and the password provided by Zoom. In this way, the EventsCase platform works as a framework that brings together all the technologies needed to develop virtual, hybrid or physical events.

Zoom reached, only in March of this year, more than 200 million users against a previous maximum of 10 million, becoming the reference tool for the on-line connection of people. EventsCase strengthens its leadership by joining this communication giant.

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