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EventsCase launches a guide with valuable information on how to organise virtual events

Published By Neil Thompson on 4th June 2020

EventsCase launches a guide with valuable information on how to organise virtual events

The crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has heavily affected the events sector. With the consequent lockdown in many countries and the cancellation or postponement of physical events, a massive rise was seen in the proliferation of virtual events. As things slowly get better, with the relaxation of restrictive measures in hard-hit countries, consideration for ‘hybrid’ events is also gaining traction.

EventsCase, an all-in-one event management software, has produced a reference manual containing the information needed to organise virtual and hybrid events along with the suppliers specialised in this industry.

With a functional and user-friendly format, EventsCase's Practical Guide for Virtual Events reviews the most common types of online events, the suppliers needed — mentioning the industry's leading experts and the services they offer — and the most notable differences between a physical event and a virtual or hybrid event.

Although event professionals were able to adapt quickly to the COVID-19 situation, EventsCase found it necessary to provide concrete guidance and, in turn, help industry professionals move from a physical event to a virtual or hybrid one without any delay in their strategy.

In the words of Jose Bort, CEO of EventsCase: "Our clients and potential clients demanded information and training to organise their virtual and hybrid events in the most effective way. We have done what we do best, making available all our tools and knowledge to help non-technical professionals manage their events — whether they’re simple or highly complex in nature".

EventsCase has developed within its all-in-one event management platform a new interface, available both on the web and in the app, that brings together all the elements needed to launch a virtual or hybrid event. The company has also launched supplementary tools within its modular and secure virtual space to support networking and audience interaction. Moreover, the company is immersed in the development of its own videoconferencing tool for live sessions which can be broadcasted via YouTube and ultimately support events with thousands of connected attendees.