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Exciting news for groups from the recent Facebook Communities Summit 2020

Published By Neil Thompson on 5th October 2020

Exciting news for groups from the recent Facebook Communities Summit 2020

The Delegate Wranglers team were lucky enough to be invited to attend the Global Facebook Communities Summit (and also the UK & Ireland version too) which was broadcast online & live to a few hundred Facebook Community Partners (which status DW already has).

In the opening few minutes the participants were addressed by CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, who told us the amazing stat came that during last month, there were 70 million group admins and moderators running FB groups in the world.

During the summit the global FB team gave news about the scale in which communities are developing on Facebook and how they are hugely in their plans for both now and the future.

Also disclosed were some excellent product updates that are coming to The Delegate Wranglers and all Facebook groups soon:

  • New Topics feature: Organize content by topic with hashtags and pin a topic to the top of the group to highlight it for everyone.
  • Chats: Create and join real-time conversations within a group.
  • Prompts: Start conversations with a new type of collaborative post where you can share photos about a specific topic and swipe through everyone’s responses.
  • Q&A: Admins can host text-based question-and-answer sessions that are easy for the community to participate in.
  • Customize your profile in groups: Change the way you show up in different groups by setting a custom profile photo and sharing info that’s relevant to each community.

More exciting stuff that we can't tell you about YET but is VERY exciting. We hope you enjoyed this update.