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Green Hat People introduce 'Beat The Hacker'

Published By Neil Thompson on 18th May 2020

Green Hat People introduce 'Beat The Hacker'

Green Hat People introduce their virtual team building escape game – “Beat the Hacker”

The game is a fun, virtual team building game. It can be played online, anywhere. Perfect for remote teams

The storyline – You have been hacked.

A group of hackers have managed to break into your servers and lock down all your corporate files. They threaten to erase it all in 45 minutes. But the hackers are not motivated by cash, their agenda is more philosophical. If you and your teams prove your worth, they might relent.

What do you get out of this team building activity
Escape Room is a great way to test your skills and apply teamwork against the clock. Payers have to use their logical thinking, intelligence, dexterity and observation skills to make their way out! So players, be ready to use your detective minds and your powers of deduction to escape. Be aware it can be highly addictive!

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For more info:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 3642 5992