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ICE announcements Sustainability in Events Measurement Week

Published By Neil Thompson on 19th September 2020

ICE announcements Sustainability in Events Measurement Week

ICE, the in-house corporate event organiser community, are highlighting the continued importance of sustainability within corporate planners with a series of events intended to tackle both the practical and strategic side of sustainability within events.

The sessions have been developed at tactical and strategic level to enable planners to both implement simple processes that immediately affect event footprints, but also address wider strategies closer aligned with their own business and industry guidance.

The first event will address the wider strategic question for event organisers and is titled ‘Sustainability in Events – How to get onto the UN agenda and why it’s so important?’. The session will look at the opportunity of COP 26 coming to the UK, and also how corporate event planners can be recognised as heroes within their own organisations?

The session, which will be in webinar format on the 24th September, will be led by Miguel Alejandro Naranjo Gonzalez, from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Fiona Pelham from Positive Impact Events. ICE is also supporting Positive Impact Event’s own event on strategic sustainability, the ‘Explore Experiment’ taking place 22 September, which will also include the opportunity to be part of roundtable discussions with other UN bodies.

Finally, the practical approach will be bought to life through a separate session ‘Practical support – if we work to the same parameters we can progress faster’. ICE has teamed up with ‘Isla’, the newly launched not for profit group offering support, measurement and knowledge sharing to agencies, brands and organisers and suppliers. The session will take place 1st October, with particular emphasis on the development of clear measurement tools to help with measurement. ICE will also be working with isla to launch a further three training modules to help support corporate planners with the key areas of measurement.

“Sustainability in events continues to be a massive issue. Whilst the vast majority of corporate events are being run virtually, our footprints are greatly reduced,” commented Anita Howard, Founder, ICE. “However, there is a genuine concern amongst our community that as live events return, old habits will return. The aim is to ‘build back better’ and our community is committed to being ahead of the curve.”

To join any of the ICE Sustainability Series, follow this link.