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'One industry One Voice' campaign gathering momentum & needs your support

Published By Neil Thompson on 24th August 2020

'One industry One Voice' campaign gathering momentum & needs your support

Work on an industry-wide awareness campaign is gathering momentum and is requesting the assistance of any event prof who wants to donate to the JustGiving page that has recently been set-up. The Delegate Wranglers are fully behind this campaign, being involved in the initial discussions and have since donated to the fund as well as offering support in spreading the key messages about this campaign.

Further support is required, and businesses from all fields of events and experiences are urged to get on board. Nearly 100 businesses have already pledged support to date. The aim of the campaign, which will support the movement #WeCreateExperiences, is to raise awareness among the general public and national media about the true value of the industry to daily life, the wider economy, and to reassure both the public and corporations that events are safe as standard come 1 October, when larger events will be able to run again in England. The money raised so far will fund a professionally-led PR campaign, which the Action Group has recently put out to tender.

To donate the fund, please head over to the Just Giving link below - any amount big or small will assist massively:

But this not solely about donating – this about buy-in, and how everyone has a voice - which is so important, so the action group can listen and adapt plans as they learn more about what the whole industry thinks and wants. It is totally understandable that most can't afford to contribute cash, but your support and help in spreading the word is as, if not more valuable, to make this work. One Industry, One Voice #WeCreateExperiences

The #WeCreateExperiences movement was conceived by Rick Stainton, executive group director at creative agency Smyle, who put the idea forward at Mash Media’s #GetBritainMeeting summit in July, and will be fronted by Simon Hughes and the BVEP.

A website is currently being developed and will be live in the coming days with more information on how you can get involved.