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Orangeworks launches a suite of new remote team building activities

Published By Neil Thompson on 14th April 2020

Orangeworks launches a suite of new remote team building activities

Orangeworks announces the launch of a new suite of team building activities that have been designed to support the management and engagement of remote teams. The new suite consists of eight strategic, innovative and creative online experiences that will promote communication between teams and support remote social interaction.

One of the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic is that many organisations have suddenly been faced with the challenge of managing teams remotely. The business community is now looking for new ways to keep their teams motivated, engaged and socially included while working from home. Orangeworks has been providing corporate team building activities and events to national and international clients since 2003. We have recently developed a new way of delivering team building events online, using accessible technology and the expertise and knowledge of our team.

While some organisations are re-prioritising strategic objectives at this time, many are focused on reinforcing behaviour aligned to their core values. Orangeworks experiences for remote teams have been designed to promote these core values among teams, as well as teamwork, innovation, problem solving, communication and creativity, while at the same time having fun doing it. Examples of some of these include The Infinite Loop Online, Digital Global Innovation Game and Go Explore

Orangeworks is a partner of the Catalyst Global Network, which is comprised of the world’s leading team building companies. Each new team building activity has been quality tested at an international level by the Catalyst Global Network, which means activities can be availed of wherever your team may be located.

“COVID-19 requires us to embrace a new way of managing our teams. We are delighted to launch this new suite of remote team building activities for our clients to support their team engagement and productivity. Remote social interaction is now more important than ever to help individuals feel connected and part of a wider performing team”, said David Bassett, Managing Director

Oran Masterson, Director of Orangeworks said “We have been working hard in recent weeks to develop innovative virtual team bonding experiences for our customers. We will continue on this path of new product development to embrace the new world of how we work and interact with each other. Knowing that our activities for virtual teams have been tested at an international level gives our clients the confidence that our online activities will be a quality and fun experience.”

The full suite of remote team building activities can be accessed here