Paje Consultancy Learning and Development Academy launches new online training and support initiative

Paje Consultancy Learning and Development Academy launches new online training and support initiative

Published by Neil Thompson

2nd December 2020

Published by Neil Thompson
2nd December 2020

With many hospitality sales and marketing teams having sadly been furloughed or made redundant in 2020, Paje Consultancy has launched a new online programme of training and support for hotels and venues to encompass key sales, marketing, revenue management and social media training modules encouraging their teams to upskill and bring their “A” game to managing business success in the new world.

The team at Paje Consultancy have supported over 90 venues with their partnerships with Venues of Excellence and Academic Venue Solutions throughout the very difficult journey of 2020 and owner Mandy Jennings wanted to consider how she might support people and businesses in our new world order.

As an industry, we must build and prepare for the future, to retain and support existing staff and recruiting new people. Our strapline must surely be “Strive to Thrive”

The distinct advantages of training both teams and individuals, especially in this current business climate, can I believe be summed up by improved employee performance giving better customer satisfaction hence more opportunity delivering greater return on investment.

Jennings says “Your customers know, from the first interaction how well your staff are trained in their role. Training helps give staff focus, confidence, structure and process – offering greater customer experience and a customer’s desire to return.
If employees have been on long term furlough, you will need your team to be fully engaged with your business, your objectives and forward plans for themselves and your business. Training your staff is a valuable method to keep employees engaged, inspired, and informed, and keep your business ahead of the curve.
Return in investment for training can be easily demonstrated, for example through effective enquiry handling training results in improved conversion, better diary management and increased enquiries.
I feel so very fortunate to have spent my whole career in this amazing hospitality industry and I believe passionately, right now it is our opportunity to give something back. I want to offer a helping hand to the industry that I love to get back on its feet in the best way I know possible. By offering our support, passion and sharing our knowledge through training and development.
I’m so proud to have worked with some of the most outstanding people throughout my career, some of whom I’ve collaborated with recently to bring together our outstanding new online training and support packages Paje Consultancy and our Associates are delighted to offer these packages at significantly discounted pricing, which is our way of supporting hospitality businesses and individuals.”
Your teams are your most valuable asset, which is why taking the time NOW to support them through training on such topics as Sales Office Excellence, Revenue Management, Business Development and Marketing planning will provide individuals with specialist support and a valuable insight on how to review your past successes and mould your sales and marketing plans for future commercial viability”.

The one-hour weekly Sales Excellence course is ideal for the teams in the conference office engine rooms to really hone in on their selling skills during this time, with assessments and 1-1 support for teams. The Ready to Return has been designed to be a fortnightly session which eases the impact for team members to manage their time efficiently. Modules include prospecting, competitor analysis, developing marketing plans to upskilling in social media, video selling, agency sales and account management. The opportunity to be part of the training with peers will provide a great asset as hospitality venues face the challenges related to COVID-19 and adapt their sales focus for the approach for the future.

Paje have partnered with the highly experienced team at The Revenue Partnership iRevenue to launch their new online, self-paced revenue management subscription service iRevenue, offering 10 custom built online ‘Workplace Essentials’ training courses along with 10 Leadership modules, plus 1-1 advice and support. This means delegates can work at speed to cover all modules or have a more paced approach over a number of months to suit their own development plan.

In addition Paje have developed their sales and marketing outsource and support services, specifically for the hotels and venues who have had to make the difficult decision to reduce sales and marketing staffing costs, or close the venue for a period of time. They can offer an affordable bespoke solution to help keep venues front of mind and carry them through to better times ahead. This can be a simple service to ensure phones and emails are answered professionally or a full sales and marketing or business development interim solution.

Jennings concluded “It is imperative to be business ready as I firmly believe our wonderful industry will return and what better time to upskill our teams and instill confidence”.

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