Reattendance announce the live launch of their V4 platform

Reattendance announce the live launch of their V4 platform

Published by Neil Thompson

19th January 2022

Published by Neil Thompson
19th January 2022

For over 8 months, Reattendance have been running a public beta test of their latest Reattendance events platform, delivering seamless in-person, online, hybrid event support across one single platform for hundreds of events.

On the 1st February at 13:00 GMT, Reattendance welcome the events industry to join them for the live launch of the Reattendance V4 platform and get front row seats to the next generation of events.

As part of our launch, they're inviting event hosts from around the world to experiment with their entire platform. As part of that, they're also providing free sponsorship and exhibitor spots for our attendees to have the opportunity to experience their cutting edge virtual expo tools live to customers.

Free tickets to the Reattendance V4 launch are now available so you can take a first peak into the future of your company's events HERE

The events world is changing and Reattendance stands on the forefront of delivering an events platform which can give all event hosts the tools they need to succeed in that new landscape.
Reattendance isn't just an online platform, but a complete service to bridge the gap between online and in-person events, which no other provider can offer. And all while delivering exceptional value to event hosts and their customers alike.

Hugh Edwards, CEO

Reattendance is a browser based events platform which provides a central hub for any and all types of event. Whether you have in-person attendees catching the latest announcement on their mobile, or delegates watching at home on their laptop - Reattendance provides a seamless, singular platform for you to control every aspect of your event, no matter where your attendees are in the world.

Reattendance blends the physical and virtual event world, by providing a complete service which supports event hosts at every stage. Not only do they provide technical support to help you get the most from the platform, but their team of directors and engineers can assist your entire production to make sure that every moment of your event is your best.

Don't miss the V4 Launch
After thousands of development hours, 245 days of public testing, hundreds of real world events across dozens of countries......Reattendance V4 is ready! But are you? Book your free place on the 1st February, between 13:00 and 14:00 and we'll help you take your first steps into the new frontier for the events industry

Free tickets to the Reattendance V4 launch are now available HERE