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ReAttendance Launches The Next Step In Its Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform

Published By Neil Thompson on 24th September 2020

ReAttendance Launches The Next Step In Its Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform

In the wake of COVID-19, the market for virtual and hybrid events has exploded and most event industry leaders agree that larger events are going to need to exist in the virtual space for the foreseeable future and certainly for most of 2021.

But virtual event platforms like ReAttendance don’t see virtual and hybrid events as a stop gap in the industry, but instead as the next logical step for the industry as a whole.

ReAttendance is aiming to prove this by launching the latest iteration of its ReAttendance virtual events platform on the 1st October, with a completely live and interactive virtual event, which is free for all members of the events industry to join.

ReAttendance is promising a revolutionary virtual event platform which truly captures all the magic of an in-person event and is willing to prove it live to the entire UK events industry. It’s not an event to be missed, where you can experience the future of the events industry firsthand.

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Hugh Edwards, the co-founder of ReAttendance told us about the obstacles that the team have faced when taking the virtual event space to the next level. “We’ve found the biggest hurdle in bringing event hosts over to the virtual space, has been their concern that something will be lost in translation. We all know that you can have the best content and presentations at any event, but it’s the social and interactive elements of a that are the truly special aspect of it. The problem has been until now, there’s been few reasons for the virtual or hybrid events to innovate, so they feel more like a Netflix for content than an actual event online”
“That’s why I’m so proud of the V3 iteration of ReAttendance, it’s really something quite special and it’s taken 6 months of finger breaking labour to code together. But now it’s ready to show off to the world and the events that we’ve already thrown have had a great response. It’s got any time video chat and networking between all attendees and our virtual expo has actually allowed sponsors to get value from their sales team in the online space. It’s a great achievement and I can’t wait for the larger industry to get their hands on it”.

The new platform is set to launch on the 1st October at 13:00 BST and will see event industry guests given free reign over trying out all the new features of the platform, which includes the hosted live streaming, video chat virtual networking and virtual expo.

ReAttendance are also offering free places in their virtual expo, which can be secured by getting in touch with the team at [email protected]

You can secure your free place at their website and register for the event HERE