Reattendance really have got it all covered for in-person, online or hybrid events

Reattendance really have got it all covered for in-person, online or hybrid events

Published by Neil Thompson

31st July 2022

Published by Neil Thompson
31st July 2022

UK based events platform, Reattendance claims to be: 'Leading the world for in-person and online events with the largest suite of features to host any style of event'.

And you know what, they could really be onto something. We were lucky enough to spend some time recently with James Snee, Business Development Consultant at Reattendance, to run through many it's fantastic features. To say we were blown away, was frankly an understatement!

For instance, did you know that Reattendance is:

  • Free to use for in-person events (up to 150 delegates)
  • They take only 3% ticket commission - an industry leading amount
  • Offers built-in live streaming - within its own platform

Well, if that's caught your attention, read on...

The platform features a super simple visual event builder & planner which houses:

Easy ticketing & registration, mobile friendly schedules, QR codes & badge scanning, announcements, polls, surveys, emailing, attendee lists, sales views, powerful analytics, dedicated & in-built streaming technology, instant replays & so much more.

All of this is covered within one easy to use platform. It looks great too, not only for the event organiser but also for customers.

One thing that came across during our demo was how intuitive Reattendance is. Every time I asked James a question about the product, weirdly I already knew what he was going to say. Now either I'm a mind reader, or this platform just makes a whole lot of sense and is easy to use right out of the box. Hint: It’s the latter.

“We redesigned our V4 platform from the ground up to be a complete end-to-end solution. What this practically means is that you don't need to use other platforms for any part of your event as it's all designed into one flow: The ticket sales lead to automatic emails, which lead to QR codes, which lead to badging and door QR-scanning, which lead to analytics and event entry, which leads to the schedule, the streams, the expo, the networking and so much more. There is built in help and guidance at every step of the way. No more searching through manuals thanks to our unique in-built traffic light system, that alerts you to things you have done correctly and elements that need your attention. You simply can’t go wrong!”

James Snee, Business Development Consultant, Reattendance

The set-up process was something that came across as straightforward and uncomplicated, which although it has lots of customization, was neither daunting nor came with a steep learning curve. The superb design of Reattendance has this absolutely spot on, and I wholeheartedly applaud them for that.

As for the event organiser, the platform makes a massive amount of sense too. I mean, who else only takes only 3% commission on ticket sales – that is a game changing, world beating initiative by the team. And if you're putting on a smaller in-person event (up to 150 delegates), it's actually totally FREE to use the platform with all it’s amazing features. Don't just take our word for it - book a demo HERE

We also liked the features available for live in-person events too. From barcode scanners for door and room entry, to easy in-app QR code business card swaps for attendees. There are so many ways to maximise the delegate experience - with full event scheduling, email communication with delegates, ticketing, surveys, polling, interests, analytics, event help and much more. Wow!

And if your event is an online only or hybrid event this is where Reattendance really flexes its muscles. At in-person events, your event can have a true-hybrid connection to the world, from streaming, remote speakers, in-room and online Q&A and chat, remote and in-person guests, shared scheduling, shared interactive networking and so much more, it really is that powerful. And when you factor in their superb UK based support team to help you through whatever you need, you know you're in safe hands. Event building, live management and vision mixing are also provided.

We could go on and on, but the best way is to experience it for yourself, book a demo with the team HERE or go visit them now and check out their extensive, user friendly, feature set for yourself here: