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The Eastside Rooms Agrees Industry Partnerships

Published By Neil Thompson on 29th November 2020

The Eastside Rooms Agrees Industry Partnerships

The Eastside Rooms has confirmed partnerships with both the HBAA and Capita Meetings & Events, bringing the new venue closer to the industry as it nears launch next year. The agreements wills see the venue become a member of the HBAA and join Capita’s Preferred Partnership Programme.

The partnerships are the latest in a number of agreements by the venue, including its support for the Event Management Apprenticeship Programme (EMAP) and its membership of ABPCO. The Eastside Rooms also recently announced a strategic agreement with On Productions, who are introducing new hybrid event and production infrastructure within the venue ahead of its launch.

“It’s been really important from the outset that we engage with the industry, and we’ve done our best to support causes and associations that fit in with our own values,” commented Leanne Bladen, Sales & Marketing Director, The Eastside Rooms. “A big part of this is supporting our agency partners and we’re delighted to be working with Capita as well as many others. The HBAA will also bring us closer to this community and we’re hoping to agree more partnerships with our peers there.”

The Eastside Rooms is scheduled to launch spring 2021, and has been designed, built and managed from the outset as an ‘ethical business’, Leanne explains: “Because of the way the venue has been funded, we’re committed from top to bottom to do business in an ethical way within our community. This also means our industry community. Its why we’re looking to forge partnerships that can be both mutually beneficial and beneficial for the greater good.”

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