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The Event Training Company helping event professionals to feel better and more confident

The Event Training Company helping event professionals to feel better and more confident

Published by Neil Thompson

22nd October 2020

Published by Neil Thompson
22nd October 2020

The Event Training Company has recently launched it's Winter 2020/21 programme of course, helping people based in the events industry feel a bit better and more confident moving forward.

As we all know the event industry is facing challenging times with more and more live events needing to, if possible, be changed to hybrid, blended and fully online offerings. The Event Training Company help people working in this sector both make the necessary changes to their skill set in their current role and help them move forward in the job market, showing prospective employers that they are ‘on board’ with the new terminology and technology necessary to flourish in an increasingly online working landscape.

The Event Training Company’s purpose is to provide short sharp online training courses, in public and private settings, for people from all parts of our sector who wish to improve how they deliver their events.

Since launching in July, they have introduced new courses on a regular basis, adding “Introduction to Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales” and “Introduction to Sourcing Suppliers” to their founding course “Introduction to Online Event Management”.

Guy Timson, Marketing Director, explains further; “The ethos behind starting The Event Training Company in the first place was to meet a direct need brought about by the changes the events industry has gone through in the past few months. We quickly realised we could help in many different ways. Our short “live” online sessions are very interactive and help our attendees to learn about really relevant topics, meet like-minded people in similar situations to themselves and hopefully feel a bit better about themselves and a bit more confident about their prospects moving forward”.

The forthcoming promotional video campaign features previous attendees giving their views;

“I have been organising conferences and events for 17 years and been selling sponsorship and exhibition throughout this time. Having recently being made redundant due to the effects on the industry of Covid-19, I have been taking part in as much training and online learning as I can. The Event Training Company’s Introduction to Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales course is ideal for those starting out in their careers as event planners. It gives a great insight in to the theory of sponsorship and exhibition sales, explains how to understand your market and gives loads of great tips on how to pitch your packages. Even I learned a couple of tips and I consider myself very experienced in selling sponsorship and exhibition for conferences!”
Fiona McGillivray

“I’m a recent events graduate with a year in industry working at Marriott however….I’ve been made redundant. I was looking at ways to improve both my CV and personal development……I recommend this course to anyone working in the events industry, especially in a sales-based role. It gave me a great basic understanding that I didn’t previously have and I feel it’s going to be applicable to any future jobs that I go for”.
Grace Evans

Guy concluded; "We’re not changing the whole world here – we just want to make a bit of a difference and help people learn. To help further we also donate 5% of all course fees to local and events-based mental health charities”.

For more info head over to: https://www.eventtraining.co.uk/w/